New Workbook Is Life Changing and Will Be Free on Amazon


Sacramento, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/18/2013 -- When looking for some goodness in this world we should often start with looking inward first. The Lies We Tell Ourselves Workbook is a great instrument for change and goodness and is being released free for 5 days on Amazon.

First there was the heartfelt book written and released by the author back in September 2012 and now he has released a workbook to go with it which is being offered on Amazon next week starting April 21st. You can find the link to the page here: or go to Amazon and search the title or authors name Robert Kintigh.

This workbook is designed to help you to work through issues you are having, goals you want to accomplish, dreams you want to make happen, create second chances and a whole lot more. What is interesting is the fact that the author guarantees you will gain results if you will use the formula and follow the steps. This may seem bold but once you read the book and the workbook you will know that this is based upon a real life person who has had an interesting background and truly believes in mental toughness and second chances. A very passionate read and very compelling formula from a writer who has been through much in his life. Robert encourages you to go through the 10 steps and discover some amazing things about yourself. "I wrote this book and workbook first for myself and then for as many people as I could help with it. The book was great medicine for me and has helped me a ton. What has amazed me more is the response that I have received from writing it. I am very hopeful that I can help a lot of people discover just how awesome they can be!" This workbook is timely in the fact that companies and individuals are looking for ways to jump start their businesses and career and need help in leveraging their personal power and mindset. They are looking to be better equipped and trained and are looking for a system that makes everything automatic. This workbook is well designed and planned out.

It takes you through scenarios, lessons, personal stories and Q&A. You will have everything you need to go to work on the best you possible. The reason you will want to pick up a copy of this workbook is because the time has never been better in the last 3-4 years for you to thrive and be your best. Life has been tough and the author knows that everyone can use a great recipe book on life. The Lies We Tell Ourselves Workbook has the perfect ingredients for you to increase your wealth, live healthier and lose weight, become a better parent, grow a better business or whatever else you are looking to achieve. This is a success formula and is professed as the #1 Success course available today. The digital copy is being offered for free April 21st through April 25th on Amazon and the print copy is for sale as well. This is great information and should be shared freely as what this workbook offers is a shinning light in a some times dark world. Join hundreds of other businesses and professionals who have experienced this ground breaking work and teaching delivered by Robert Kintigh. Robert Kintigh is an entrepreneur, author, speaker and trainer and has been coaching and in business 23 years. He has owned several businesses and has helped hundreds of companies improve their operation as well as trained sales people and upper managers in leadership, sales and personal growth. His professional writing debut was The Lies We Tell Ourselves and since has written 8 other books. This current workbook is a part of his journey of trying to help elevate people who desire the best life possible.

As you get a chance to download this free offering, please keep in mind that your review will help the author because providing your experience with other readers will greatly improve the chances of this book growing in popularity and enthusiasm. The content in this workbook will help you to eliminate your lies, discover your truths and design your success.

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