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New Year and New Event Planning Tips Recently Released by Kaleidoscope Solutions This February


Wayne, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/13/2013 -- The beginning of every New Year brings many trends and colors that are expected to be seen. Kaleidoscope Solutions has just released some new event planning tips for 2013. Throughout this rough economy, the hiring of event planners in NJ is predicted to rise due to large corporate budgets. With things on the comeback, the event planners are ready for what the new year has to offer and stay ahead of all the latest trends, vendors, and services that come along with planning corporate functions, fundraising, or special events.

The first concern that comes to mind during the event planning process is choosing the location. The spot of the party needs to be decided due to various different factors such as the style of the room, and more importantly how many people will be in attendance to the event. After consulting with an event planner from New Jersey and winding down the decisions on location, what is in the oven would the next big thing to decide. Health and wellness has become increasingly more significant each and every year, with gluten free and organic foods being more accessible in grocery stores. This makes it important to have that option when catering an event for potential clients. The professional event planners have seen the demand for organic dishes go up; therefore, Kaleidoscope Solutions makes sure they provide vendors who offer certain cuisines for the client.

With technology on the rise everyday, one’s event planner from NJ will be able to reduce expenses for clients looking to plan an event on a tight budget. With the use of mobile devices, all plans, consulting services, and every component of an event can be made on the go so nothing is missed. With years of combined experience, Kaleidoscope Solutions researches and stays up on the latest trends that clients are looking for in every field of event planning. Philadelphia and New Jersey individuals or businesses looking to plan a night to celebrate will not have to worry about a thing. Their services are becoming more customized and tailored towards each individual as technology becomes more involved with the planning process at Kaleidoscope Solutions.

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In June 2009, Kaleidoscope Solutions, LLC was established as a special event planning company. As time went on, the demand for event planners in Philadelphia grew resulting in their four specialized areas of planning: special events, wedding consultations, corporate functions and fundraising. Kaleidoscope Solutions has more than 10 years of combined experience in numerous industries that pertain to event planning services such as food and beverage. Over the years they have been able to build long lasting trusting relationships with some of the top caterers, venues and vendors in the Greater Philadelphia into Delaware County and New Jersey.

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