New Year, New Body with FDA-Approved Coolsculpting Technique

Don't let holiday pounds keep one from getting the body one want -- Coolscultping helps one to get the slim, sexy body one crave without the costs or risks of invasive surgery.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/08/2014 -- Looking for a way to get rid of stubborn fat deposits without having to resort to costly surgery? Then Laser Clinique has just what one is looking for: The San Diego medical spa is offering the patented and FDA-approved Coolsculpting technique, designed to remove fat without surgery – and without harming healthy tissues surrounding the fat.

Most people have pockets of fat that refuse to disappear, despite diet and exercise, but few want to be burdened by the cost or recovery time associated with liposuction or other fat removal surgery. And while there are some non-surgical techniques that involve extreme heat or ultrasonic waves, these methods treat tissues indiscriminately, which means healthy cells are destroyed right along with the fat cells.

Coolsculpting relies on a unique cooling process developed by Harvard University researchers to target fat cells located beneath the skin, freezing them into crystals that are then whisked away by their body’s own natural processes of elimination – all while leaving other, healthy cells unaffected. Since there are no incisions used, recovery from Coolsculpting is quick, which means one can get right back to normal routine. Every treatment lasts about an hour – about the same time one’s spend working out in the gym, but the results are much more immediate and more noticeable.

Although repeat treatments are an option for patients who desire them, most patients see noticeable results after just a single visit to Laser Clinique, with improvement continuing for months following the procedure as the body rids itself of crystallized fat cells. Not sure if Coolsculpting is a good option for oner goals? The skincare specialists at Laser Clinique can develop a complete treatment program that addresses all oner cosmetic and dermatologic needs.

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