New Year's Eve at Art Cafè Disco in Rome: Important Notes for Entry in One of the Most Requested Vip Party in Italy


Rome, Italy -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/31/2012 -- New Year’s Eve is amongst the most celebrated evenings and rightly so. Where many people believe in staying put at home and prying for the next year to be off great happiness and to seek forgiveness of their sins that they did in the last year, furthermore to thank for the well passed previous year; many other believe in rejoicing all the joy out of their homes and to have fun. Nightclubs become crowded places during the New Year and so many people visit them to enjoy along with their friends and family.

Art Café in Rome is amongst the most popular night clubs at service. It is popular for the class of people it attracts and for the quality of service it caters. Whether it is about the people or about place or about the service, everything is exclusive in the Art Café Roma Disco. The Art Café has an exclusive style of welcoming guests that is found nowhere else. Even to party there needs to be a discipline in selection criteria for who would enter the café and who would not. This makes it a VIP party café for people who visit it.

For entry in the Art Café roma disco, a person must bear an ID card at all times that serves to an element for security and for an additional requirement of exclusivity. Only those gents who are older than 25 years are allowed to enter the Art Café along with their ID cards. Women must be above or equal to 21 years of age in order to enter the café. This makes Art Café disco an entirely teenager free party and the best disco in Rome. Next comes the requirement for dressing, it has to be very elegant and smoking.

Freaky hairstyles with saved hair around the ears and longer hair with a lot of gel applied to them are not allowed. Only gents and women with classical dressing can enter the café. Strict checking for all requirements is done at the entrance and no one is allowed to pass unless he or she fulfils all the requirements. And for those who think that it would be a small club with a few scores of people inside, there are often around to a couple of thousand people inside on weekends. Ticket for early entrant is of 40euros including one drink, and for entrant later than 1:30 it gets 50 Euro including a drink and a flute. As for the best choice, there is an 80 Euro ticket that includes a full buffet. Interested folks and party lovers who don't wanna lose time should hurry up as Art Cafè Roma is the most requested club in Rome!

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