New Yoga Book: "Chakra-Jnana Yoga" Offers Practical Methods for Transforming the Chakras

Chakra-Jnana Yoga is a new and powerful system of yoga that integrates awareness of the chakras into hatha, pranayama, and jnana yoga techniques. It is extremely effective for working with the chakras on all levels and provides quick physical, emotional, and spiritual transformation.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/22/2013 -- If you want to deepen your yoga practice the recently published book, ”Chakra-Jnana Yoga,” will offer many unique yogic teachings for working with the chakras. The first section of the book is entitled, Hatha Yoga for the Chakras, and discusses how yoga poses connect with the energy centers. In this section detailed information is given about how to incorporate awareness of the chakras into hatha yoga practice. Each chakra is discussed individually along with the asanas that most correspond with that energy center, and through anatomical and traditional yogic descriptions, the author presents a clear and direct method for balancing the chakras with hatha yoga.

The second part of the book is called Chakra Breathing Techniques and presents over a dozen different methods for vitalizing the chakras through breath control and pranayama. Starting with simple awareness practices that are coordinated with the breath cycle, the author slowly builds on the teachings to develop various advanced methods that move energy through the whole chakra system. This section also has information on how locks (bandhas) can be incorporated into the practice to get more powerful effects for building energy in the energy centers.

In the final section of the book a method for working with the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the chakras is presented that uses teachings from jnana yoga, modern psychology, and Zen. Since each chakra is associated with various psychic qualities, the book describes a system that allows for emotional and mental clearing of the chakra system. This is done through direct insight exercises that assist one in developing the ability to consciously witness their emotional and mental patterns. This is also combined with self-inquiry in such a way that it allows for one to come to a deeper understanding of the True Nature of their most inner being.

As a whole the three major sections of the book provide precise information for transforming the chakras on all levels of being. While the first section deals mostly with the physical aspects of the chakras through hatha yoga, the second part addresses the energetic aspects of the chakras, and the third section offers direct methods for transforming and realizing the essential nature of the psychic qualities of the chakras. With its far-reaching implications, and balanced approach to yoga practice, this book is essential reading to anyone interested in yoga and the chakras.

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