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New York Auto Insurance Agents Now Listed on New York Motor Insurance's Website


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/17/2012 -- New York Motor Insurance, an auto insurance provider that is located in Manhattan, has just released a listing of New York auto insurance agents. The new information will make it easier than ever for drivers throughout New York to find a local agent who can help them get affordable car insurance.

As anyone who lives in New York knows quite well, living and driving in the Empire State is incredibly expensive. According to an article on NewYorkMotorInsurance.com, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners has found that at an average of $1,047 per year, New York holds the dubious distinction of being the most expensive state in which to insure a vehicle.

The founder of New York Motor Insurance is aware of how costly it is to insure a car in New York. As a result, he is dedicated to helping people find the best and most affordable auto insurance rates possible.

People who visit the company’s website can learn more about low cost auto insurance rates in two ways. They can either use the auto insurance quote comparison form, which is located right on the home page, or they can use the new insurance agent directory and contact agents themselves.

“We provide you with a complex directory of agent names, email addresses, phone numbers, and websites,” an article on the company’s website noted, adding that the licensed auto insurance agents that are listed are all categorized by city/town so that people can quickly find an agent near them.

“We know that sometimes, talking to a human being is more comforting and assuring than working with a computer program. If you prefer to speak to a real insurance agent as opposed to getting insurance quotes instantly online, feel free to give one of our listed agents a call.”

In addition to assisting drivers in New York with their insurance needs, NewYorkMotorInsurance.com also features a wide variety of educational articles about auto insurance in New York. The topics include New York Insurance Laws, Auto Insurance for Teens and First Time Drivers, and Tips on Lowering New York Auto Insurance Costs.

For example, some of the pointers that can help people save money on their car insurance include buying a new or safer car, moving closer to work, installing an alarm or theft deterrent, and keeping a safe driving record.

About New York Motor Insurance
New York Motor Insurance is a full service auto insurance provider located in Manhattan, New York, NY. Offering insurance to all residents of New York State, NewYorkMotorInsurance.com also provides insurance quotes and insurance information. For more information, please visit http://www.newyorkmotorinsurance.com/agents

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