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New York Auto Insurance Doesn't Have to Break the Budget Thanks to NewYorkMotorInsurance.com


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/03/2012 -- According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, New York is the most expensive state in the country in which to insure a vehicle. In fact, drivers in the Empire State can expect to pay an average of $1,047 per year for car insurance. For most people, this amount takes a significant chunk out of their monthly budget.

While most drivers in New York would like to save money on their car insurance, many are unsure of how to go about it. Calling different companies or visiting with agents in person is time consuming, and can leave drivers feeling overwhelmed and confused by their choices.

A new website is already creating a quite a buzz for its ability to help residents of New York compare various auto insurance rates, all in one convenient location and all from the comfort of home.

NewYorkMotorInsurance.com also features a wide variety of helpful articles filled with tips and advice on topics like how to save money on car insurance, information on insurance laws in New York, and how to prevent insuring a teenage driver from completely breaking the bank.

“Here at New York Motor Insurance, we made it our job to find you the most affordable auto insurance quotes for you and your family, so that you won’t have to pay the outrageous insurance prices that your fellow New Yorkers pay,” an article on the website, http://www.newyorkmotorinsurance.com, noted.

“You will be able to find our auto insurance quote form on the top of every page of NewYorkMotorInsurance.com. To begin using it, all you need to do is enter your zip code and hit GO. You will then be brought to a brief three page questionnaire asking you about your vehicle and the driver.”

After completing the easy form, visitors to the website will be contacted by licensed New York insurance agents who will give them quotes.

For people who would like to do some or all of the research themselves, the website also features an extensive directory of licensed insurance agents that visitors to the site may use in order to find a local agent in their own city or town.

The list, http://www.newyorkmotorinsurance.com/agents/, includes a plethora of agent names, email addresses, phone numbers and websites.

About NewYorkMotorInsurance.com
NewYorkMotorInsurance.com is a company located in New York, NY. Their website offers a service allowing its visitors to compare auto insurance quotes in the state of New York. In addition, NewYorkMotorInsurance.com offers a vast directory of licensed insurance agents so that visitors are able to find a local agent in their city or town. For more information, please visit http://www.newyorkmotorinsurance.com