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New York Bankruptcy Attorney Jeff Peltz Compares Clients to Abraham Lincoln

New York bankruptcy attorney Jeffrey Peltz inspires his clients with the story of how Abraham Lincoln's declared bankruptcy and then went on to become our greatest president.


Brooklyn, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/23/2012 -- New York bankruptcy attorney Jeff Peltz always counsels his clients, “Never give up. Look at Abraham Lincoln, he declared bankruptcy in his early 20's and then went on to become our greatest president.”

It turns out that Atty Peltz , founder of the new bankruptcy website, knows what he's talking about . When Lincoln was a young man he had a few false starts with a number of jobs and businesses. He worked in a retail store and when the store closed, Lincoln and a partner opened a new store to take it's place. They took a risk and purchased their inventory on credit. Sales were slow and their store failed.

Because Lincoln’s partner died shortly after their store failed, Lincoln was responsible for the entire partnership's debt. So Lincoln declared bankruptcy and because the bankruptcy laws at that time didn't remove one's debt, Lincoln pledged to pay back the entire debt of the partnership. 17 years later Lincoln finished paying off the debt.

“What an amazing man”, smiles Atty Peltz, “Lincoln sought asset protection when he filed for bankruptcy and then years later when he became a lawyer he helped scores of his clients attain protection for their assets. He became one of the most well known bankruptcy lawyers in the midwest.”

“Of course”, Atty Peltz continues, “those safeguards still exist today, for all New Yorkers. The laws help level the playing field between the average citizen and the big money interests like the finance industry and the credit industry. If you want to protect your assets, you shouldn't hesitate to take advantage of the same protections that Abraham Lincoln used.”

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