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New York Bankruptcy Attorney Jeff Peltz Tells the Truth About Henry Ford's Bankruptcy

When he was young, Henry Ford declared bankruptcy several times. Without bankruptcy as a means of starting over with new financing, it is questionable if Ford would have been able to be the amazing success he became.


Brooklyn, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/24/2012 -- New York bankruptcy attorney Jeff Peltz frequently inspires his clients by describing the tenacious Henry Ford, “ Henry Ford filed for bankruptcy multiple times and that's because he viewed failure as only a temporary condition. And he saw bankruptcy as a way to start over and approach his goals in a more intelligent fashion”.

Atty Jeff Peltz , owner of the bankruptcy website, knows a little something of bankruptcy history . When Henry Ford was starting out he had some major failures and his first investors saw their money run out before even a single car was produced. His success only began after many financial failures.

“What a guy, smiles Atty Peltz, Henry did what only the most successful of us do, he continued to get up each time he was knocked down. The Detroit Auto Company, his first company, went bankrupt but he insisted on staying in the game. Eventually he invented the automobile assembly line which enabled him to build a car in ninety minutes. Previously it had taken fourteen hours. Now, without the pressure of grinding debt, Ford was able to focus on marketing his new Model T.

“A common misconception about bankruptcy is that it's a shameful occurrence.”, relates Attorney Peltz, “I see things in a different and maybe more realistic light. It didn't ruin Ford's life but rather gave him a new beginning. Who doesn't want a fresh start without all the terrible weight of debt grinding down.”

“Bankruptcy remains an option for good citizens to take during bad times. This doesn't make you a bad person, but rather gives you a temporary lift so that you can become the success you were meant to be”

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