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New York Bankruptcy Lawyer Jeff Peltz Inspires Clients With Walt Disney Story

The New York Bankruptcy firm, the Law Office of Jeffrey B. Peltz, inspires clients and New York residents with the story of Walt Disney and the belief that great success can often come after bankruptcy.


Brooklyn, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/16/2012 -- Every month the Law Office of Jeffrey B. Peltz P.C. reminds those well meaning New York individuals and couples struggling with debt that there is hope and a way out. Unfortunately only a handful of New York law firms have such an optimistic approach to bankruptcy, making it difficult for New Yorkers to see what an opportunity bankruptcy can be.

“It's a shame and and it doesn't have to be” states Atty Jeff Peltz , founder of the new bankruptcy website “Many great fortunes were built after declaring bankruptcy. First you have to dig yourself out of the hole you're in and get a little breathing room. Then you have a chance to prosper. Look at Walt Disney. He declared bankruptcy in his early 20's and then went on to build a great fortune.”

It turns out that Atty Peltz knows what he's talking about . When Disney was a young man living in Kansas City he had a few false starts working with animated characters like Oswald the Rabbit that never quite took off. Walt Disney started a company named Laugh-O-Gram in 1920 to produce his first animated films.

Disney and his backers ended up going broke and Walt couldn't make his payroll or pay his debts. Walt filed for bankruptcy and took his remaining cash and bought a bus ticket to Hollywood where he was able to work for his brother and start fresh.

“It's funny”, smiles Atty Peltz, “there are so many hard working, industrious folks who stop short and allow life to beat them down. What if Walt Disney quit and gave up on his dream back in Kansas City and never moved to Hollywood and invented Mickey Mouse? Bankruptcy made all of Disney's dreams a reality.”

For those facing chapter 13 or chapter 7, the Law Office of Jeffrey B. Peltz has lawyers with the skill and expertise to tend to your case. With over 25 years of personal bankruptcy experience, the Law Office of Jeffrey B. Peltz is your best choice when needing a new york bankruptcy lawyer

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Jeffrey Peltz is a member of the Brooklyn Bar Association, New York State Bar Association and American Bar Association. In addition to being admitted to practice law in New York and New Jersey, Mr. Peltz is admitted to practice law in the Federal Court of New Jersey, as well the Eastern , Southern and Northern District Courts of New York.

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