New York Coin's Top 50 Celebrity "Air-Drop" Begins July 4th


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/15/2014 -- The New York Coin Foundation will begin distributing 1 Million New York Coins [NYC] on July 4th to each of the 'Top 50' Most Influential New Yorker's as ranked by Peer Index. The "air drop" on July 4th is given absolutely free of charge with the intention of celebrating Independence Day from Fiat Currency!

With merchant acceptance spreading NYC will soon directly compete with Bitcoin in the New York City metro marketplace for the number of real world businesses accepting and using their digital currency. Through a first ever real-world marketing blitz in the cryptocurrency sector, representatives of The New York Coin Foundation will solicit NYC businesses in person, explaining the many benefits of using digital currencies, assistance with application set-up and providing business owners with a toll-free number for technical support. The Foundation plans for New York Coin to be the most accepted and used digital currency in New York City by the end of 2014.

"We believe NYC which is designed for retail transactions (fast confirmations under 30 seconds), with no premine or ipo, can achieve significant market penetration in the financial capital of the United States and boasting one of the largest economies in the world" -- stated a representative from The New York Coin Foundation.

New York Coin was recently launched on March 6th of this year and can only be acquired 3 ways; through a process called "mining" which uses specialized computer equipment to solve complex mathematical equations, purchasing NYC using a cryptocurrency exchange online or accepting NYC as payment for your goods and services.

With New York City having a Gross Metropolitan Product (GMP) of over $1 Trillion, The New York Coin Foundation believes NewYorkCoin could someday realistically account for 1-3% of financial transactions in the region. Possibly even higher. The huge cost advantages over traditional methods of money transfer and payment processing enable New York Coin a rare opportunity to take significant market share in the highly lucrative New York world of finance.

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