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New York Criminal Lawyer Zev Goldstein Shares Traffic Law Insights to Benefit New Yorkers


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/15/2013 -- New York Criminal Lawyer Zev Goldstein, Esq. has recently embarked on a campaign to help inform New York citizens about some of the little known facts of the law that can hold major consequences for the average person. The Law Offices of Zev Goldstein, PLLC specializes in representation of traffic tickets and driving-related crimes with successful resolution of more than 25,000 cases.

Countless seniors in the New York area utilize pill dispensers to keep track of their weekly prescriptions. According to Attorney Zev Goldstein, most New Yorkers are unaware that carrying prescription pill dispensers containing any controlled substance like pain killers out of the home can be a violation of the NYS Public Health Law § 3345. Goldstein sees sharing his knowledge of laws like these beyond his clientele as a responsibility to all New Yorkers.

“Every day, older drivers run errands with their pill dispensers on their person,” said Goldstein. “If their prescriptions are controlled substances like pain killers, they, or another family member driving the car with the pills in the glove box, can get hit with a misdemeanor charge of possession of a controlled substance.”

As a New York criminal defense attorney with 28 years of experience with traffic tickets and driving related crimes, Goldstein has an extensive understanding of these areas of the law. His firm has handled thousands of cases involving DWI/DUI, Unlicensed Operation/Driving on a Suspended License or insurance as well as helping drivers regain their licenses. In addition, the firm also practices Immigration Law, Landlord Tenant Law, and Family Law. With a track record of favorably resolving more than 25,000 cases, clients seek out his expertise of the law to guide them through the case.

Every day, the New York traffic lawyer assists clients that have been stopped for suspected drunk driving that refused the chemical testing, despite their innocence. As part of his outreach, Goldstein informs the public of how to handle these incidents before they find themselves in the situation:

“If you get pulled over and are suspected of driving drunk, yet you didn't have anything to drink, or smoke, it is imperative that you take the chemical test,” explained Goldstein. “Not taking the test in and of itself is a violation of VTL 1194, and could result in a year revocation of your driving license, along with fines of over $1,250.00.”

Understanding how fines, points and convictions can affect drivers in New York as well as how to avoid or diminish them requires a lawyer with extensive experience in the New York courts and legal system. Clients choose the law firm of Zev Goldstein because the New York traffic ticket lawyer can help drivers successfully fight their tickets within the law to get them waived or help negotiate a lesser offense, thereby reducing the fine amount. “Our mission is to share our knowledge of the law and the court system as both Traffic Court prosecutors and Traffic Court defense counsel with the general public as well as our clients,” said Goldstein. For more information, please visit http://www.zevgoldsteinlaw.com/

About Attorney Zev Goldstein
New York Criminal Defense Attorney Zev Goldstein brings 28 years of experience in representation of traffic tickets and driving-related crimes. The Law Offices of Zev Goldstein, PLLC also practices Immigration Law, Landlord Tenant Law, and Family Law. The firm has successfully resolved more than 25,000 cases.