New York Filmmaker to Address Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's Comments on Homosexuality


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/27/2012 -- In an interview aired September 25, 2012 on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad discussed homosexuality in Iran with Piers Morgan. Piers asked the Iranian President, "Shouldn’t freedom and individuality and all those things also extend to people who just happen to be gay? Who were born gay? They weren’t made gay."  "Wouldn’t it be great for the President of Iran to say you know something, everyone’s entitled to be whatever sexuality they are born to be? That would be a great symbol of freedom."

"Do you really believe that someone is born homosexual?" responded Ahmadinejad. "I’m sorry. Let me ask you this. Do you believe that anyone is giving birth through homosexuality? Homosexuality ceases procreation. Who has said that if you like or believe in doing something ugly, and others do not accept your behavior, that they’re denying your freedom?"

To depict the extreme, and usually fatal, oppression gays in Iran are subjected to, New York filmmaker Wajahat Ali Abbasi is gearing up to make a movie called SIN. He hopes this film will be a learning experience for Ahmadinejad and others who don’t understand homosexuality.

Inspired by a true story, 'Sin' is an American Feature Film, which will bring to life an emotional tale of a teenager in Iran who was killed by public hanging, along with his partner, because of being gay. Videos and pictures of this sad incident were released online in July 2005, but the world forgot about it soon after. Through this movie we will get to know this teenager's life, whose only crime was that he wanted to be accepted by his society, with his true identity.

SIN has been making a lot of buzz on the Internet the last few days. American people and members of the gay community around the globe are reacting positively to the idea of this film and are supporting it with their strong comments on twitter and blogs like Huffington post ,Towleroad, Gay Star News, Closet Professor, etc.

Filming of SIN is scheduled to start early next year and Wajahat is currently running a fund- raising campaign on, a popular crowd funding site. Wajahat believes that through Kickstarter they will be able to fund this project while building an audience for the film.

It will be interesting to see President Ahmadinejad’s and the world’s reaction to this controversial movie and how it will impact global public opinion on this issue.

A powerful trailer of the film has been released. To watch the trailer and to support this movie visit its Kickstarter page.

If you would like more information about this movie, or to schedule an interview with Wajahat Ali Abbasi, please contact:  Ansab Khan at 917-755-9559, or email: