New York Hypnotherapy and Meditation Is Now Offering Hypnosis for Depression

Many are turning to Hypnotherapy for Depression with Great Results!


Brooklyn, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/08/2013 -- Specially trained professional hypnotherapists at New York Hypnotherapy and Meditation are providing much needed relief to those who suffer from clinical depression. More and more people are turning to hypnosis as an effective treatment for depression. Numerous studies have shown hypnosis to improve symptoms of depression on all measures and to be just as effective as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which is a treatment that has long been well established and highly regarded. In fact, one study, by Alladin & Alibhai in 2007, which compared CBT and hypnotherapy, showed that hypnotherapy produced a 6% greater reduction in depression.

This non-invasive treatment modality is quite effective and doesn’t have the negative side effects that come with taking antidepressants. Hypnosis for depression also often leads to longer lasting results, sometimes even permanent, since it works on the root cause of the problem, rather than just focusing on the symptoms. Hypnotherapy for depression vastly improves not just the emotional symptoms, but also the physical manifestations of depression.

The NYC hypnotherapist gently guides the client into a series of relaxed states and helps to uncover the root of the depression. Once the root cause has been determined, the professional hypnotherapist then replaces the negative thought patterns and perspectives with more positive ones, as well as instills healthier and more effective coping skills into the client. Because the hypnotherapist is working directly with the subconscious mind, the results are immediate and longer lasting.

Those who receive hypnotherapy for depression at NYC Hypnotherapy and Meditation are given valuable tools to cope with daily stressors. This helps them to avoid falling back into the negative trap that leads into clinical depression. Clients of hypnotherapy for depression report feeling more relaxed, happier, and less stressed.

Some benefits of hypnotherapy for depression include

- Improved self-esteem/self-confidence
- Clarity of thought
- Improved sleep
- Increased energy
- Better coping skills
- Enhanced mood, ability to feel joy
- Hope for a brighter future
- Positive outlook on life
- Improved focus and concentration
- Healthy appetite

To learn more about hypnotherapy for depression sessions offered by NYC Hypnotherapy and Mediation, as well as their other services, visit their website at or call (718) 288-0419.

Lin Shlonsky, BCHt
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