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New York Personal Injury Attorneys Pulvers, Pulvers and Thompson Offer a Guarantee of Excellence

Pulvers, Pulvers and Thompson Offers the Utmost in Personal Attention, Dedication and Support


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/01/2012 -- Pulvers, Pulvers and Thompson has the kind of sparkling reputation and track record which can seem hard to find amongst New York personal injury attorneys. Their formula to success combines not only winning in the courtroom, but also their Guarantee of Excellence, which helps them stand out as a leader in the field.

New York personal injury attorneys - and attorneys of all kinds, in all locations - cannot ethically guarantee any result. However, Pulvers, Pulvers and Thompson does offer its clients a guarantee - their unique Guarantee of Excellence.

This is a guarantee that the firm makes to every client, about the level of customer support, attention to detail, effort, and time which they will receive. Every client and every case is different and requires special focus and care, and that's what Pulvers, Pulvers and Thompson offers every individual it works with.

In addition, clients only pay the firm after they win their case. Nothing is guaranteed, however, Pulvers, Pulvers and Thompson does have a 70 year history, during which it carries a 97% success rate.

The firm only takes on about 10 percent of the cases which are presented to them. This enables them to offer their complete attention and as much time and effort as possible into everybody they work with.

The Guarantee of Excellence, and the courtroom success, is made possible by a winning, knowledgeable and highly skilled team of NYC personal injury attorneys. Their winning reputation and long track record of success is what leads to special distinctions, such as having more than 200 outside lawyers refer clients to the practice.

As leading New York personal injury attorneys, Pulvers, Pulvers and Thompson handles many types of cases, including medical malpractice, products liability and wrongful death, construction and work accidents, municipal liability cases, professional malpractice and more.

Pulvers, Pulvers and Thompson fights aggressively to ensure that each client gets what he or she deserves from their New York personal injury attorneys and from the legal system.

Prospective clients can call 866.642.5604 or visit PulversThompson.com to receive a free consultation.

About Pulvers, Pulvers & Thompson
Pulvers, Pulvers & Thompson, LLP, is a law firm consisting of leading New York personal injury attorneys, with an outstanding track record stretching back over 70 years. The firm prides itself not only on its 97% success ratio, but also in their handling of each case and each client as a priority, with the utmost in care, customer service and attention to detail. It's this essential Guarantee of Excellence that continues to help Pulvers, Pulvers & Thompson stand out as unique, and a leader in their field. Call them at 866.642.5604 or visit PulversThompson.com for more information.