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New York, San Francisco, and London to Witness the Intriguing "G" in LG's Smartphone Event on May 27

Is May 27 the launch date of LG G3? LG smartphone fanatics are thrilled as LG sent out invites with the controversial “G” in the line “To be simple is to be Great”.


Tucson, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/05/2014 -- May 27, 2014 would be an exciting day for LG fanatics with the speculated launch of LG G3 at three locations: New York, San Francisco, and London. Mass production of G3 was set by LG and the company is anticipating sales of 10 million units of their newest smartphone.

The invitation sent out by LG does not have much information on it aside from the controversial “G” in the line “To be simple is to be Great”.

As can be noted, LG G2 won the hearts of fanatics with its stellar battery life and astonishing screen. The successor LG G3’s user interface revealed the compressed and vanilla look features boasting brighter icons of this smartphone similar to majority of Nexus devices. LG G3 also takes pride on its QHD or 2K display resolution and several make-over on its services, widgets, and icons. Built-in suggestions suggesting weather widgets can be seen on all of its widgets, and widgets will have more text rather than heavy-packed graphics. The notifications from a number of apps would contain as much information, and notifications shade is expected to be of an improved version with QSlide and shortcuts from various apps. The background on the notifications spot and soft key buttons are transparent. The new QHD or 2K display resolution is 2560 X 1440 pixels.

Apart from the mentioned features, LG G3 offers a heavily customized version of Google Now. Its new concierge feature is an advanced personalization tool collecting data from various sources online and observes procedures to be begin recommendation of valuable data. LG has intentions of offering more services beyond what Google Now offers.

LG’s homeland, Korea, revealed that LG is getting ready for the big day. Volume production has been started and its 10 million units sales target motivates LG given their effort to push its flagship phones to the masses. The launch of LG G2, Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 were all a success but the sales target that LG set for LG G3 is still a question due to some production setbacks.

A few more weeks before the big event and everyone is excited about the mystery behind the “G” in LG’s invite. This exclusive event of LG is expected to happen in Singapore, Seoul, and Istanbul on May 28.

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