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New You in 22 Weight Loss Program Released by Dr Jonny Bowden

Serial dieters and people who find it hard to lose weight have been offered new hope this week with the release of the New You In 22 weight loss program from Dr Jonny Bowden.


Charlotte, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2014 -- The 22-day program claims to have dieters transform their metabolism from burning glucose to burning fat within a few days so that they can lose weight easily and naturally.

Visit the New You In 22 official website here

The website opens with a video disclosing 3 odd foods that Dr Jonny Bowden says will boost the metabolism, although they are often banned in calorie-controlled diets. Focusing on calories is one of many mistakes that most diets and dieters make, according to Bowden. His concern is not with calories but with how the body burns fat.

"You'll start seeing a bit of that stubborn fat fall off each and every day regardless of your age, your health or your fitness level," Bowden says, "and all of this can happen in the next 22 days."

The New You In 22 weight loss program is based around natural, healthy foods and avoids processed foods, Bowden stresses. However, it does allow dieters to indulge their cravings at certain times while limiting their food choices at other times. There are no forbidden foods because the plan claims it's all a matter of timing.

Bowden claims that this prevents diet plateaus, where the body's metabolism adjusts to a certain type of diet. Weight loss is kick started with a more indulgent meal from time to time. He describes the New You In 22 program as "a brand new method for rapid and permanent fat burning" that will free people from the "lose, gain, never maintain roller coaster".

Allowing cheat meals also helps dieters stick with the program, Jonny Bowden says. He adds, "One of the main reasons so many people struggle to lose weight is because they're forced to give up their favorite foods. Now you don't have to. But the trick is to eat that tasty chocolate cupcake at exactly the right time."

The plan was tested on over 400 volunteers before being launched to the public. Bowden's company Natural Health Sherpa said the results showed that "New You In 22 works better than anything we've developed in the 9 years we've been doing this."

One user, Rosemary C, has posted a review of the New You In 22 system online.

She says, "There are two plans, Basic or Advanced. I followed the Basic plan for the 22 days of the program and lost 9 pounds, which is great for somebody who is not very overweight." Heavier people require more energy to fuel their bodies even during sleep, so they will generally lose weight faster on the same amount of food.

Bowden, known as 'The Rogue Nutritionist', enjoys busting diet myths. He has appeared on national television discussing such questions as the "great cholesterol myth", why diets fail and the best foods for fueling the human body.

In the video on the New You In 22 website he says, "You don't need to pop any pills, you don't need to bust a gut at the gym and you don't need to starve yourself silly. It doesn't matter what age you are, either. In fact, the older you are, the more of a difference you'll see."

The three-week program is available to order from Bowden's website only, in the form of instant download ebooks or printed books which can be shipped worldwide. The order form appears around half way into the video.

About New You In 22
New You In 22 is Dr Jonny Bowden's new 22 day weight loss program that aims to help people burn fat instead of glucose so that they lose weight more easily, without getting held up on diet plateaus. For more information, visit:


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