New YouTube Updates Still to Come in 2013

YouTube’s new upcoming updates will have dramatic effects on all YouTube users.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/22/2013 -- There are 4 YouTube updates you need to know about. As we all know that YouTube is changing and updates will soon apply to everyone. What are these updates and how will they affect those who already have set up their channels on YouTube and have already uploaded videos?

David Walsh, who specializes in Video Marketing, recently spent time with YouTube and asked them about the coming updates. According to Mr Walsh ‘Some are pretty big and some may be small but will definitely have an impact on videos and video views over the next coming months.’

The updates will be taking into account that people now watch videos not only on their computers but also on their tablets and smart phones as well as on their smart TV’s. Recently YouTube invested $100m in original content for As David Walsh informed us ‘They want to become more like a TV Network, as they are going after the big advertising dollars’. In his video, which can be seen on his channel David Walsh Online, as well as on his site David Walsh talks about the 4 most important updates on YouTube that will happen very - very soon and what effect they will have on YouTube users.

One of their biggest updates is a change in the layout of the channels. Google wants to become the biggest TV advertiser and will soon succeed. Since YouTube wants to have a slice of the advertising market their changes will be to help things along in that direction.

So, knowing what the updates are YouTube users can make the changes necessary to their channels and videos in advance and stay ahead of the dramatic changes the updates will bring. YouTube is changing whether we like the changes or not.

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