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Auckland, New Zealand -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/24/2012 -- The issue of Maori water rights is making headlines across New Zealand right now. This is a complex subject with much at stake for all parties involved. As a result, many New Zealand residents are currently following all the news about this water rights issue, including the Waitangi Tribunal hearing that has just been held to discuss these rights.

This news could lead residents to reconsider their own water and where it comes from. Often, the water that comes from the tap contains microorganisms or other impurities that contaminate the water. For this reason, water filters are gaining popularity among both business and home owners. One company that is attracting the attention of many New Zealand residents is a water filter specialist called Spring New Zealand Water Filters.

“It is important that you choose the right filter to accommodate your needs. For instance, you can find water filters that work with pitchers or filters that you can attach directly to your waterspout. There are attachments that work for kitchen sinks as well as those that work for showerheads. Spring water filters remove chlorine and many other impurities before you ever use the water so the water is better for not only drinking but also for other everyday household uses,” explains the Spring website.

For those who want to find out more about water filters NZ, the Spring NZ Water Filters website provides detailed descriptions of all of its products. These descriptions include high-quality pictures and full specifications for each product. The website also explains how customers can determine which water filters correspond to their needs and how to care for these filters once they have purchased them.

Such details will help customers to find the ideal water filters for their homes and offices. Plus, website visitors can learn about activated carbon filtration and how this process rids water of impurities. In addition to explaining exactly what activated carbon filtration is, the website also informs visitors of the kinds of contaminants it filters.

By visiting, customers can discover the wide range of products offered by Spring New Zealand Water Filters and how these products can improve drinking water at home and in the office.

About Spring New Zealand Water Filters
Spring New Zealand Water Filters is a company that provides businesses and individuals with a wide range of water filter and water cooler products. Spring water filters remove core contaminants such as giardia and cryptosporidium as well as other harmful chemicals. This ensures that clients have access to healthy, clean and safe drinking water.

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