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Prince Georges, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/03/2013 -- A new Internet community has launched giving new fathers a place to find and share knowledge, along with insights and discoveries about fatherhood. ( contains articles, videos and a radio show dedicated to making the experience of becoming a new father a fun time that will be filled with confidence and achievements for fathers and their children. The community's main feature is its active forum where new daddies talk about being a dad.

New dads often feel they have to enter parenting knowing it all, or at least looking like they know it all. However, unlike generations ago, today's fathering involves much more than sitting behind a newspaper (they don't make iPads big enough to hide one's head and torso), and occasionally playing catch. Today's father is expected to change diapers, help with diet and feeding, handle middle of night incidents, keep an eye out for illness and do much more.

Arthur Cutler, founder of began his community after becoming frustrated at the lack of parenting materials directed at new fathers on the Internet and in book stores. He says of founding (, "Six years ago, my wife delivered delivered the news that I would be a new daddy. I immediately wanted to learn everything I could about being a father. I was shocked to find that while my wife was inundated with resources, websites, blogs, giveaways, mailings, etc., there wasn’t a whole lot out there for daddies. I even went to the bookstore, and the section for expecting mothers were plentiful as compared to the maybe three books of any real substance for me."

Initially deciding to write a book on fatherhood for new fathers, Arthur Cutler became intrigued with the idea of a community for new dads where they can discover useful information on parenting.

Instead of a top-down approach where Arthur Cutler would be the "expert" father handing down information to his readers, he decided it would better to build a place for everyone, like himself, who was curious about exactly what being a dad means.

It all can be found by going to

About is a website that provides a community for new fathers to share information. They see an opportunity to bring content to an under-served market - fatherhood. In an ever more demanding world, fathers are expected to take on a big role in the raising of their children. seeks to create a space where fathers can grow as parents.

Arthur Cutler