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San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/19/2012 -- When Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone he could never have predicted the amazing evolution the device would have. Today’s advanced smartphones seem totally alien to the primitive, crackly beginnings of the telephone. One thing that Mr. Bell would no doubt have found peculiar is that the transmission of speech is just one of the seemingly infinite uses that a phone can now have. iPhone and Android apps account for a significant portion of software sales, and this percentage is growing every day.

One website making waves in this area is, a website that navigates through the huge number of new apps that are being released every day. is steadily building a great reputation for helping iPhone and Android device owners find the right app for them. With such a huge, and continually growing, number of apps on the market, this site provides a much needed service. covers apps in every category, from useful business utilities to completely frivolous games. The entire range of app functionality is represented. Apps are reviewed and assessed by the NewBestApp team, and only the best ones make it on to the site. The functionality of the recommended apps is described in detail, and is accompanied by high resolution screen shots.

The site also serves as a resource for the app development community, with detailed information about the development process for both iPhone and Android. Beginner, intermediate and advanced app development topics are covered.

A spokesperson for the site said:

“The app development industry seems to be in perpetual growth, and the sheer numbers of new apps released every day would be impossible for a casual consumer to explore. There are so many new apps coming out that it’s a full time job to pick out the good ones, and we’ve made it our job. We have a dedicated team of app experts, working round the clock to find the very best apps and showcase them on the site. We don’t just serve app consumers either, we also present information that is useful people in the app development community. There are useful how to guides on app development for both iPhone and Android, and we try to work across all skill levels.”

About helps visitors discover the best new smartphone apps. The site also presents information on app development, useful to the iOS and Android development community.

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