Joe Bragg, Lets Drivers Know Exactly What They Should Be Driving Next Year


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/14/2012 -- High-octane daily posts and information for car lovers the world over can be found on a new website. New Cars for 2013 offers the latest in cars, speed and transportation throughout the automobile industry. In addition, the new site provides new car technology through energy filled daily blog-style posts filled with edgy observations with enough throttle to accelerate the heart of any auto lover. features cars from the world over, and regular posts are dedicated to the American, Asian and European markets. In addition, the comprehensive site features news, updates and observations about new cars and their development.

Information provided is educational and enlightening. For example, according to the site, new car owners should prepare themselves to pay more in 2013 than in the past because of updated safety requirements mandated by governments across the globe.

New Cars for 2013 ( provides automobile news, insight and perspective for all types of cars from the exotic to everyday autos. The site also dishes the dirt on the worst cars out there, and the impact of low-quality fuels on a pristine engine.

The sites’ guidance, offered up by Uriah Nazario, is no-holds barred and is certainly less colloquial than the automobile publications from the past that have taken a more conservative approach to the automobile market.

A list of recent posts includes: “Are too many safety devices causing us to become worse drivers?” “Spain’s answer to the need for speed is a Cocker Spano” and “Prepare to pay even more for your vehicle as it’s equipped with 20 more mandatory safety features.”

The new site also offers copious amounts of information, and focuses in on information readers want to see from a car site, including fuel mixing, car reviews, mileage data and car specs.

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New Cars for 2013 provides the latest high-octane information about new cars, automobile trends, automobile news and new car technology for car enthusiasts. The site provides insightful and edgy blog-type posts designed to educate and entertain those who care about cars, and those just looking for informative information about the industry. The site is written and published by Uriah Nazario. For information the latest trends in cars, car news, the latest car technology, visit