ApplenMicro Making Leasing a Luxury Car Easy and Affordable

At the New Car Superstore, the auto-leasing specialists help consumers get the best deals on leasing a new vehicle.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/30/2013 -- There are many advantages to auto leasing. It can save money on monthly payments and overall repair costs compared to purchasing a car or truck. This is especially true for those who hire leasing experts that are the most trusted in the field.  Experienced leasing professionals can help a buyer simplify the process of getting a new car and save consumers money.

The New Car Superstore offers new, high quality vehicles for leasing from a wide range of manufacturers including Lexus, Mercedes, BMW and Audi. For customers who are looking to save money in today’s economy, there are many advantages to utilizing the services of the leasing team at the New Car Superstore.

Generally speaking, to lease an auto results in lower payments than purchasing a car or truck outright. On average a person can expect to save anywhere from 30% or more on each monthly lease payment over purchasing a car or truck of the same model. This is because only a portion of the vehicle is being purchased. Furthermore, there is usually no down payment required for customers who qualify, although the first month’s payments along with tag and registration fees are usually due at the signing.

Another strong advantage is that state taxes are generally lower for leasing a car or truck over purchasing since you are only taxed a portion of the life of the vehicle itself. Auto leases run over the life of the manufacturer’s warranty as well. This means that the manufacturer, not the customer for the items that are covered, will pay many of the maintenances and repair costs. All of these advantages combine to save customers money over the term of the auto lease. offers their customers great leasing specials and the option to purchase the vehicle that is being leased as well. This can work to the advantage of those who favor a particular type of vehicle and want to keep it.

The financial advantages of leasing a car or truck provides customers at New Car Superstore the ability after three years to either purchase the vehicle or return it to the bank and lease a new car or truck for another three years. The overall cost of leasing two vehicles over a six-year period of time is often substantially less than purchasing a car or truck. This is especially true with adding in the expected maintenance or potential repair costs that would otherwise be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

The leasing experts at the New Car Superstore offer advice for the best lease options. Such information can be very valuable to those who want to save money over purchasing a new car or truck. In addition to the standard auto leasing services, the New Car Superstore will also deliver the new vehicle to the home at no extra cost.

In today’s world of greater expenses, the auto leasing professionals at the New Car Superstore offer some of the best leasing special and deals in the region, providing expert advice, low prices and high quality service.  Check out the impressive customer testimonials on their site and give them a try. They make leasing a car easy.



Christian Gold, Leasing Manager