Newcastle Airport - New "How to Save on Airport Parking" Guide


Middlesex, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/26/2013 -- Booking Newcastle Airport parking at the lowest price is a target for most travellers, but as we enter the busiest part of the summer holiday season, this is ? tougher challenge than normal due to the sheer volume of passengers using the airport. Here UK airport parking price comparison website release a new guide: how to save on car parking fees.

Newcastle is the largest airport in the North East of England and was the 11th busiest in the UK in 2012 with over 4. 3 million passengers. In addition to regular scheduled services to some of the world's biggest hub airports including Emirates flights to Dubai, KLM fights to Amsterdam, Air France flights to Paris and BA flights to Heathrow - all of which offer worldwide connections - Newcastle also offers scheduled and holiday charter flights to some of the most popular holiday destinations in Spain, Portugal, Greece, Turkey and across Europe, meaning it is particularly busy during the summer.

As with any busy airport, at peak times it can be difficult to find cheap parking deals. Here pricing expert Lynn Rosario from talks about a new guide to getting the best deal. She offers two simple steps, that will only take a couple of minutes, to ensure travellers to get the best deal on their airport parking.

Lynn says: "Newcastle has large on airport long stay and short stay car parks, with a smaller medium stay car park. Premium options - Fast Track and Meet and Greet parking - are also available and there are some very good local off airport car parks too, some that are almost as close to the terminal as the on airport long stay car park. With this wide choice, finding parking at Newcastle Airport shouldn't be ? problem, but finding it at the best price can be more of a challenge, especially during the summer."

"At we advise customers take two quick and simple steps in order to get the best deal (a) plan in advance and (b) compare options and prices. Planning in advance offers savings of 50% or more no matter when you are travelling. For example, looking at the cheapest on airport car park - the long stay - those who don't plan in advance and simply drive up to the airport and park this summer will pay £80 for a week and £132.50 for a two week stay. But this same car park is available from £37.99 for one week and £64.99 for two weeks, offering savings of over 50%, for customers who plan in advance. Even booking two days or just a few hours in advance will be cheaper than driving up without having booked. Customers should always pre-book parking to save."

"Step two is to compare prices. This equally as important as planning in advance. Most people would not book a holiday or a flight without comparing prices, and it should be no different with airport parking. Not only does this give significant savings, it can also offer opportunities to save time too."

"By using a website that compares all of the parking options - the on airport long stay, short stay, medium stay, Fast Track, Meet and Greet plus off airport car parks - at a number of companies, customers can compare costs for their favourite car park, plus check costs for other options to see if they want to switch to save time or to save money."

"For example, when we compared the cost of parking for a week in the middle of August, pre-booking the on airport long stay cost £42.49 for a week (a saving of around 50% on not pre-booking). However, it could also be booked for £39.99 as a 'super saver' (non cancellable) deal. In addition, the two main other options we would consider for a week's parking are an off airport car park - and one with a 2 minute transfer cost just £32 - and meet and greet parking, which cost £59.99."

"By comparing these prices and options we could decide to save 50% by pre-booking the on airport long stay car park, or to save another 25% compared to the pre-booking price of that car park by parking off airport with a 2 minute transfer time. Or we might choose to spend an extra £17.50 over the long stay price to avoid the 5 minute bus transfer each way to / from that car park and instead enjoy a 30 meter walk to and from the car at the start and end of the holiday by booking meet and greet parking."

"Comparing prices does not have to take time a long; there are some price comparison websites that will allow customers to do this. Of course we use when we compare prices at Newcastle Airport. It allows customers to compare costs with the UK's top 5 suppliers for guaranteed cheapest airport car park prices in less than 30 seconds. As long as customers follow these two simple steps - (a) plan in advance and (b) invest some time comparing prices - they will save on parking this year."

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Resource: UK airport parking price comparison website compares five companies for the widest choice including on and off airport parking and lowest prices.