Newer Autos Offered Lower Title Loan Rates


Wilmington, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/20/2013 -- Every day, hundreds of car owners in Delaware consider an auto title loan as a source of fast cash for relief of money problems. Many of these people are quick to discover that most title loan companies only offer a single, high rate of interest to everyone; without regard to the vehicle. Now Capitol Title Loans is able to offer lower interest rate title loans on newer and lower mileage passenger vehicles.

With Tier-Rated car title loans, Capitol Title Loans, a Delaware licensed lender, has created even more competitive rates on car title loans, especially designed for recent model year cars and/or lower mileage vehicles. The new Tier-Rated loan rates remain fixed throughout the entire term of the loan as well as any additional rollover periods.

The proprietary Tier-Rated car title loan program places more emphasis on the specific collateral pledged for each loan by taking into consideration factors such as loan-to-value ratios and overall risk. Typically such autos have a higher value, a longer life expectancy and more remaining depreciation thus making them an overall better credit risk. This makes the newer and/or lower mileage cars in general a better quality car title loan. They are therefore are able to qualify for a lower interest rate. In many cases the rate difference versus other title loan companies can be quite significant.

Certainly lower interest rates can make sense for anyone considering a car title loan, however, customers with an existing title loan may also greatly benefit. Capitol Title Loans is also able to refinance existing loans from many other lenders which can result in real savings to the borrower. So then, someone with a current car title loan on a newer vehicle would be an ideal candidate for refinancing using the Tier-Rated loan program.

About Capitol Title Loans
Capitol Title Loans is a direct lender with office in the state of Delaware. There is never a charge to apply, no-prepayment penalties and no late fees. In addition, Capitol Title Loans does not require any applicants credit score.

Capitol Title Loans Tier-Rated car title loans are available at all Delaware locations. Hours of operation are Monday thru Friday 9am-7pm and Saturday 9am-5pm.

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