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NewFoundChemistry LLC Is the New Social Platform That Pays You to Have a Healthy Social Life

NewFoundChemistry LLC is a groundbreaking new social platform giving millions back to their members, as well as charities and communities worldwide, while also helping members discover and enjoy healthy social lives


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/28/2013 -- What sticks out on most NewFoundChemistry’s IndieGoGo campaign is the part that explains how internet dating sites extract billions of dollars out of their “customers” annually, and in return provide fake “matches”, ads, spam, and loads of other unwelcomed things. And even social networking sites have some angle or another to make money off their users for false promises of this or that.

But then there’s NewFoundChemistry LLC, a groundbreaking and exciting new social platform that gives back to the user, as well as charities and communities worldwide. And all while providing a platform that promotes healthy social lives and relationships, instead of promoting themselves.

NewFoundChemistry is the first ever true social relationship platform. Dedicated to helping reduce the stress created by the beginning, middle and end of relationships. However, they are not a dating site. NewFoundChemistry LLC was created by David Ritchey after going through multiple struggles that threatened to claim his life. He spent the next four years dedicating his life to creating a company that would revolutionize a multibillion dollar industry and benefit not just singles, couples, friends, family, young, or old, but everyone!

NewFoundChemistry gives back to its members and their communities by giving $2 per member back to local charities (US members will support US charities and overseas members will support their local charities). NewFoundChemistry also gives $2 per member back to the members. That means at one million members NewFoundChemistry would give 1,000 different members each month a check for $2,000. They truly do give back to you, all while you have a healthy social life!

Right now, they’re in the beta stage still with approximately 1.8 million members, and they’re searching for funds to take this revolutionary new platform to the next level.

Check out their IndieGoGo campaign here (

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