New Horizon Provides Credit Solutions for Those with Bad Credit or No Credit

Solutions Include Secured and Unsecured Credit Cards and Prepaid Mobile Devices


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/01/2013 -- Unemployment takes a toll on a person's finances. A large number of unemployed are now choosing to start their own business, but find this is hard to do because their credit has been damaged due to the lack of work. " works with consumers and businesses alike to help everyone find credit cards for people with bad credit," Melanie Mathis explains.

United States consumers with bad credit can obtain a credit card to help rebuild their credit history with the help of an unsecured credit card. Card issuers created unsecured credit cards for people with a fair or poor credit history. This type of card allows the card holder to have credit without the need to make a cash deposit to the account held with the card issuer. "Consumers need to check to see if the card issuer submits a timely report of credit card activity as this helps to rebuild credit," Ms. Mathis continues.

Many card issuers now offer credit building credit cards for those with bad credit. Consumers must compare cards to find one with a competitive interest rate and reasonable fees. A large number of the card issuers offer automatic email and text messages alerts to help card holders remember due dates and all should take advantage of this. "Consumers who wish to rebuild credit should never use more than 30% of the available credit limit at any one time," Ms. Mathis goes on to say.

Unfortunately, some consumers don't qualify for unsecured credit cards. Card issuers offer another option for consumers and businesses in this situation. A secured credit card comes with certain requirements. The consumer or business must open an account with the card issuer and fund this account before the card may be used. The amount of the security deposit determines the credit limit of the secured card. "To learn more about secured credit cards for those with no credit or bad credit, visit," Ms. Mathis states. understands that those with credit problems may have other financial issues. From home loans to prepaid mobile phones and bad credit personal loans, the site provides information about all types of business and consumer financing. "Life is busy. When a consumer needs financial information, he or she need look no further than All information is contained on this one site," Ms. Mathis declares.

New consists of business consultants who work directly with lenders across the nation to help businesses and consumers find the financing they need. Business loans, leases and credit card programs for those with good and bad credit are offered. Learn about free business opportunities, how to repair credit, incorporate a business or set up a merchant account. Discover how to advertise a business, invest in real estate and how to obtain a credit card with bad credit. An estimated 25 million are starting a home based business. Learn how to make the most of this opportunity.