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Newly Discounted Manual Shows Writers How to Sell Ebooks to Impulse Buyers

Author Dahlia Valentine lowers the price of “Creating E-books that are Impulse Buyer Magnets” for a limited time.


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/15/2011 -- Self-published author Dahlia Valentine is lowering the price of “Creating E-books that are Impulse Buyer Magnets,” from $95 to $19.95, September 16th until 12am EST on September 19th. The 189 page PDF teaches writers how to brainstorm, research, format and promote ebooks, even if they’re not subject matter experts on the topic they’d like to write about. It’s geared towards both beginners and experienced writers who want to learn ebook publishing strategies from someone with recent experience in the field.

“This is the material I wish I had when I first started writing my own ebooks. Instead I learned through trial, error, tears and a lot of caffeine,” Valentine admits. “Ebooks are easy to write, but if you don’t understand what the audience wants and how to get it out to them, you’re doomed to fail.”

The advice Valentine offers in “Creating E-books that are Impulse Buyer Magnets” is based on her own ebook publishing experiences. While she admits her first few ebooks didn’t sell as well as she expected, she does show readers exactly what went wrong while providing dozens of tips for success. The primary message being: find lazy readers, answer a pressing question, package the information and sell it.

Along the way she provides details on everything from figuring out what’s missing from the information landscape to formatting ebooks for Amazon and Barnes and Noble. According to Valentine, budding ebook authors should focus on self publishing no fewer than four ebooks on any one topic. She believes that continuity is one of the best ways for an author to build a following of impulse buyers.

“Creating E-books that are Impulse Buyer Magnets” can be purchased at

About Dahlia Valentine:
After ghostwriting for over a year Dahlia Valentine decided to take her skills to the ebook airwaves. She’s the author of 8 self-published ebooks and one recently adopted pen name. All of her titles are non-fiction and mainly centered on how-to topics. Valentine blogs about ebooks, internet marketing and making money online at That Internet Marketing Thing.