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Newly Launched 17th Edition Multifunction Tester to Make the Electrical Testing Easier

The constantly evolving technology and the ongoing researches have lead to inventions of some superior quality and advanced electrical equipments. These gadgets are used widely in the industrial, commercial and personal environments. The malfunctioning of these tools can lead to varied safety hazards. To avoid unfortunate events in these establishments, the 17th edition multifunction testers are being launched in the market.


Brighouse, West Yorkshire -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/02/2015 -- Significance Of The Latest 17th Edition Multifunction Tester

The unprecedented use of the electrical equipment has deliberately increased the need of electrical testing tools. In recent scenario, lots of electrical machinery in the commercial or personal facility are running at the same time and a fault in any one machine can certainly hinder the functioning of all other. A flaw in these tools increases the chances of safety issues or fire in the establishment. Therefore, it is mandatory nowadays to perform periodical and regular testing of all the electrical appliances. To help all the home owners or electricians, the company VFM meters has launched a wide plethora of the 17th edition multifunction tester and its accessories.

This tester, though recently introduced, has gone popular because of its versatile features such as:

- Insulation continuity test: This attribute of the tester allows an electrician to perform a series of tests to diagnose any breakdown of the insulation in any component of the circuit. This feature of the tester guarantees the uninterrupted and safe working of the circuit. An electrician performs this test to gauge the break down in diverse electric components like wires, transformers and the motors.

- Checking for flaws in RCD devices: This contemporary multifunction tester due to its versatility can check the proper functioning of the residual current devices. When the balance between the neutral conductors is disturbed then working of whole circuits receives a big blow. An imbalance indicates the leakage of the current and if any person touches the energised part of the circuit then there are chances that s/he may get badly injured. These testers when coupled with the RCDs indicate this leakage so that the electrician can repair the damaged location and prevent the workers from getting wounded with the shocks.

- Loop Testing Tool: The multifunction tester also performs loop testing that perfectly depicts the capability of an electrical circuit to engage the protective device. This quick, convenient and the highly specific test gives the clear picture of the effectiveness of the protective devices such as circuit breakers, fuses and the RCDs. The results drawn from the calculations made on the basis of this test allows an electrician to locate the flaw in the circuit and corrects it before any unfortunate event takes place.

- Resistance Measurement of grounding systems: This test done with the use of the 17th edition multifunction tester is to gauge whether the resistance of the system is in the range that will not cause any harm to the individual or not. This test is carried out to ensure the safety of the employees working in the various facilities. This test also diminishes the chances of any damage to the metal structures when exposed to the high voltage.

The 17th edition tester is also supplied with a wide array of accessories such as R2 socket adapter, martindale wander lead and many more. Thus, this newest edition of testers is designed with a main focus on the handling of the safety issues in any establishment.

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