Newly Launched 3dBotic Manufactures and Sells 3D Printers

3dBotic, manufacturer and retailer of 3D printers are offering their printers and kits on sale to celebrate the company’s launch


Reno, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/14/2013 -- The newly launched company 3dBotic, manufacturer and retailer of 3D printers and DIY 3 D printer kits, is offering their 3D printers and printer kits on discount. The offer is valid for only a limited time and has been put into effect to celebrate the company’s launch. For those looking to get the best 3D printer, the latest offering from 3dBotic is the MendelMax variant 3D printer.

3dBotic was launched to tap the potential of the ‘desktop manufacturing’ revolution, says Chris Bulen, an engineer for the company. He became interested in the 3D printing field in 2012 and joined the company to bring 3D printers to the masses and let them be aware of what is 3D printing. The company will rely on Kickstarter to get funding for the pre-assembled and DIY 3D printer business. Chris Bulen believes that the company will pave the way for truly revolutionized 3D printing.

Chris explained about the 3-D printers in the market and 3dBotic's own product line under 3D systems, “These have been entering the market more and more and we have introduced our flagship 3D printer called MendelMax MM151 and it’s a Do-it-Yourself complete 3D printer kit for homes and small offices. These printers are available fully assembled and calibrated, or in kit form complete with all hardware, wiring, full electronics and motors.”

Chris became exuberant about the 3D printing revolution about to break out. He said, “With the introduction of this brand at a very attractive price point for home users, we feel everyone with an idea and some creativity can become a maker.” He added, “Folks can now buy 3D printer from 3dBotic at discounts to celebrate the launch of the brand.”

The 3D printers for sale from 3dBotic are available at discounted prices for a limited time. MendelMax MM151 from 3dBotic assembled and calibrated with full electronics is priced at $1,797 but is currently discounted to $1,547 with free shipping. A MendelMax MM151 DIY 3D printer kit complete with full electronics and motors discounted to $1,097.

A 3D printer YouTuBe video showing the reprap MendelMax MM151, an earlier version of the 3D printer, taking a 3D print can be viewed on their website. Chris Bulen said, “Our current printers have dozens of improvements over the standard MendelMax to make it faster, easier to use and more functional than many of our competitors models. We think anyone comparing our printer to another brand will see the value in the changes we made.”

More details about 3dBotic can be viewed at the official site of the company https://3dbotic.com and queries can be addressed to 1-775-455-0850.

About 3dBotic
3dBotic was launched to tap the potential of the 3D printing revolution with the aim to bring homemade 3D printer to the masses. Taking advantage of the desktop manufacturing revolution, 3dBotic is based in Reno, Nevada, aims to revolutionize the 3D printing field with their range of MendelMax MM151 cheap 3D printers.

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