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Newly Launched Quality Water Jetting Machines to Clean the Clogged Drainage

The problem of drainage clogging is the most common nowadays. Some of the reasons responsible for this problem are accumulation of the tree leaves, greasy substances or hair in the drainage area. As the drainage area form the vital part of the home, the cleaning of the clogged drainage is of utmost importance.


Santa Fe Springs, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/21/2015 -- Reasons To Consider While Selecting The Quality Water Jetting Machines

As the drainage clogging problem arises due to many reasons, a variety of equipment is available for solving this problem. As there are many options for drainage cleaning tools, their selection should be done carefully. The points that govern the selection of the drainage cleaning equipment- jetting machines are:

- Are the jetting machines ready to use or still need some accessories? This is the first question that pops up in the mind of an individual while selecting a water jetting machines. The quality water jetting machine that is supplied by the Gorlitz Sewer and Drain Inc. is assembled and ready to use. The drainage equipment are perfectly tailored as they are equipped with the high-pressure line, jetting machines nozzle, and adapter. All these accessories make the process of installation of the water jetting machines easy and feasible.

- Length of the quality water jetting machines: If a person wants to clean the drain line outside of the home and the distance between the main drain clean out to the farthest plumbing fixture is in range of 50-100 feet, then the model of the jetting machines to be purchased should be a 100ft long.

- Can the back corrugated outdoor field drains be cleaned? Depending upon the yard of debris or dirt accumulated in the drainage pipe, an individual should decide the capacity of the quality water jetting machines to be purchased.

Know More About The Newly Launched Quality Water Jetting Machines

All these needs of an individual are perfectly catered by the newly launched series of the water jetting machines by the Gorlitz Sewer and Drain Inc. The recently launched products involve a wide range of versatile quality water jetting machines such as:

- GO 3000 Series: This type of the water jetting machines find its application in the external and the internal cleaning of the drainage areas. The GO 3000 series quality water jetting machines in the form of the gas model is available for outdoor use whereas the propane powdered unit is provided for cleaning the interior of the drainage area. A sturdy frame, front handle to assist during lifting, battery box etc. makes the equipment more accessible for the user. The quality water jetting machines have a storage capacity of around 300 feet or 3/8 inches diameter jetter hose. The water jetting machines are supplied with the hydro-pulse feature that enables the user to easily clean the tough stoppages and the sludge grease.

- GO 2000 Series: The small size, less weight and simplicity of the operation make this newly launched product a perfect option to invest with. These quality water jetting machines are supplied with the divided hose reels that allow an user to install the two different sized hoses.

- GO 1500 Series: The model being an electric water jetting machine serves as an alternative to the gas model of the jetting machine. The sturdy frame of this quality water jetting machines is equipped with an extendable transportation handle, front handle and the tool box for storing the accessories.

All the latest water jetting machines are supplied with the modern features that aid the users to clean the drainage area effectively and efficiently.

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