Newly Launched UnderMyMind.com Offers Secure Detective and Tracking Services in Germany


Berlin, Germany -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/19/2014 -- UnderMyMind.com, a website that will provide detective and tracking services to the German public, has recently announced its launch. The site also informed that they are offering one of a kind highly accurate tracking technology based services with collaboration from a leading tech firm in Japan.

The Japanese IT company, http://and-eccentricagent.com/, is a veteran in creating tracking solutions and is known for using multiple technologies to offer efficient and effective results. For example their latest product, which is being used by UnderMyMind.com, uses all IMEI, GSM and GPS tracking technologies such that the results are quick and accurate.

Despite the availability of numerous tracking software, app or service providers there are very few products that actually work comprehensively. Nearly all tracking products lack in one or other aspects and some even fail to function at all. This is where UnderMyMind.com is aiming to stand out as it is promising a complete tracking service which is online and instantaneous.

Understanding that mobile platforms such as Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows and others have security functions which unable others to track the phones, the website http://www.undermymind.com/ performs its own personal form of tracking based on the software maintained by the Japanese tech firm.

This custom made solution enables UnderMyMind.com to locate any phone regardless of type of phone they have and whether they have been installed with tracking prevention applications. More importantly the service is simple and only requires the customer to enter the phone number to instantly view their location, i.e. once they have become members of the service.

Many people might consider tracking unethical or a form of violation of privacy but it has been proven to be very useful in certain situations especially when locating seniors and children. Tracking is also beneficial during emergency situations, where it can even save lives.

About UnderMyMind.com
UnderMyMind.com is an upcoming detective services provider in Germany that will offer comprehensive tracking services to the average individual in the country. The site will provide a secure option of locating loved ones, family members or any specific individual whether for security reasons or personal matters.

For more information about Detective and Tracking Services in Germany, or to schedule a meeting or interview with founders of undermymind.com, please email to info@undermymind.com.