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Newly Mixtape and Music Promotion Company Attracts Fast Online Attention


Beverly Hills, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2014 -- also known as  "H.N.I.C MIXTAPES"  appears to be the average mixtape promotion and music promotion company at first glance, but this particular music promotion company is far from the average website offering unsigned artists promotion services. The one interesting trait the company carries is the ability to over power their competitors in a quick and seemingly easy manner. In just weeks of the companies development, they have constructed a mass online following and even caught the attention of well known celebrities. A Youtube video floating around the web and also on hnicmixtapes own Youtube channel ( ), flaunts a short video of popular hip hop artist "Method Man" who is a  member of the world famous Wu-Tang Clan super group, shouting out H.N.I.C Mixtapes. From there you can also visit hnicmixtapes Twitter page where artists are publicly stating their desire to be on H.N.I.C mixtape series. It seems that the company is ahead of the game as far as marketing is concerned, but what else makes them such a powerful platform for unsigned artists?

On their website , the company makes it clear that music of high quality will be accepted and lower quality music will not be considered for their mixtape series. They even go as far as claiming that artists who pay the fee for a mixtape slot will have their money refunded via pay pal if the music does not meet the company standards. This strategy they implement keeps their brand selective and exclusive all in one. They have created a platform that allows artists the ability to have their music promoted through a high quality platform that demands respect and attention. H.N.I.C Mixtapes offers standard mixtape placement, placement on their series specifically for unsigned artists, a video leak service that places artists Youtube videos on up to 50 or more websites, a service that allows companies to reap the benfits of exposure through their mixtape series, and more as they continue to add services to their website under a tab labled "additional services." As the demand for music promotion grows, it appears this particular company will grow along side the demand.

About H.N.I.C Mixtapes
H.N.I.C Mixtapes is apparently ran by members of the Coast2coast Mixtapes Dj coalition which is the largest mixtape coalition to date. This just adds fuel to the H.N.I.C fire as they seem to have covered every promotional angle that gives them power over their competitors. Strapped with commercials running on BET, MTV and other major television networks, H.N.I.C Mixtapes seems to have a perfect recipe for fast growth. They stand as the first mixtape placement and mixtape promotion company to have commercials airing on major television networks. The affordable and effective marketing provides for artists and their music careers, makes them a first pick for anyone seeking quality exposure and marketing. The company also plans to put together tapes for edm artists, rock musicians etc. which also makes them a one of a kind in their particular field of work.

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