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Newly Released Book by Lorraine Grubbs and Frank Granara - "Shake 'Em, Wake 'Em, Make ' Em a Team" - on Track to Changing the Way Corporate Team Building Is Approached

More than a book, an inside look into how one visionary CEO and one former Southwest Airlines Executive discovered the Magic Bullet to Team Building.


League City, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/16/2013 -- Is it possible to take a group of corporate executives, isolate them into a custom-designed seminar situation, and introduce them to a new paradigm in thinking not only operationally, but also strategically? Lorraine Grubbs and Frank Granara think so, and have proven the effectiveness of their new approach in a newly published account of an actual re-education seminar in “Shake ‘em, Wake ‘em, Make ’ em a Team”. No doubt that this book will become required reading for not only CEO’s, but also all corporate executives.

“Shake ‘em, Wake ‘em, Make ’ em a Team” takes the reader through a hands-on multi-session approach that opens-up the thinking of corporate types, and rocks their world. The reader is on the edge of their chair as they see the reaction of each of the players, as each participant becomes a player in these sessions. It becomes very real, very fast. In a two-day session, the participants view of themselves and their functions in their own corporate environments are reshaped. It is clear they will never think the way they used to, this is a new dynamic that includes being part of a team, not only being unto one’s self.

What it takes for a company to build success, and maintain growth is a corporate team that is intent on the same goals. This means a team that thinks the same, has the same passion and purpose, the same development and decisiveness, the communication and commitment that will serve the greater good of the company as well as each individual on the team. “Shake ‘em, Wake ‘em, Make ’ em a Team” illustrates how this can be done in the span of only two days. Imagine reshaping a team of Nationwide Vice Presidents in a cost-effective manner in only a couple of days.

About Lorraine Grubbs
Lorraine Grubbs, a Co-Author of this new book, was a Vice-President at Southwest Airlines for 15-years. Her forte’ is working with companies to build cultures of loyalty and engagement. Her book  “Lessons In Loyalty - How Southwest Airlines Does It” became a huge hit amongst leaders of business the world over. Her Co-Author, Frank Granara, CEO of General Insulation Company, is a success story in and of himself. This major distributor of commercial insulation products started in 1982, and has expanded to include 40 locations throughout North America, and has also entered the China market.

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