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Newly Released Online Guide Offers American's Everywhere Massive Savings on Prescription Medication


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/14/2012 -- Not many things in life are truly essential; food, water, shelter, it’s actually a pretty short list. While modern life would make us believe that new cars and big-screen T.V’s are just as important as rent and groceries, ultimately this isn’t the case.

However, for a large section of the community there’s another essential cost; that of prescription medication. For a variety of reasons, many American’s require various drugs and medical products with which to treat disease, manage pain and otherwise live a relatively normal, happy life. These products, without which many would experience undue suffering, are as essential a part of daily life as food and water. Unfortunately, certain pharmaceutical companies have been taking advantage of this very fact.

The recent rises in the cost of certain medications are staggering, with many who suffer debilitating illness and disease forced to pay tens of thousands of dollars per year to remain well. While companies gouge profit from millions of ailing American’s, individuals and families of all means clamour for access to cheap prescription medication.

Thankfully, it looks like there’s a solution. Thanks to the co-authors of a newly-launched e-book, millions now have access to groundbreaking information sure to cause a big headache in the pharmaceutical industry.

Thor Stensland isn’t a doctor or a pharmacist. In fact, Thor didn’t spend much time thinking about affordable prescription medication at all until faced with his own medical situation. “I am a school teacher, who looked forward to an active, worry-free future, until I was confronted with increasingly high bills for the medications I needed to live a healthy life,” Thor admits. In a story that’s sure to be familiar to American’s everywhere, Thor found himself increasingly reliant on various medications to treat his condition. At the same time, he was amazed at the associated costs. Convinced that there must be a way by which ordinary people can access cheap drugs easily, Thor began an extensive research project. The result, Slash RX Costs: The Complete Guide to Affordable Drugs, could potentially save American’s millions.

Responses from industry figures have been overwhelmingly positive, a strong testament to the efficacy of the book and the power of the information contained within. “I have been either practicing Medicine/Surgery for about 40 years and always struggled with how the exorbitant cost of required medication was so unaffordable,” Steve Kutner, M.D. and Director General of Jewish Healthcare International recently commented. “Slash RX Costs: The Complete Guide to Affordable Drugs, is a miracle and a fantastic contribution and will provide incredible resources, information, and better access to most medications.”

Slash RX Costs compiles a huge number of easy and effective methods of minimising the cost of prescription medication. By sharing his knowledge rewardingly the highly complex nature of the pharmaceutical industry, Thor Stensland has enabled those for whom medication is essential to save up to 94% on their typical prescription costs. For those who thought their illness meant a life in servitude to the bottom line of a rich pharmaceutical company, Slash RX Costs is ready and able to break the shackles of high cost medication.

About Slash RX Costs: A Complete Guide to Affordable Drugs
Slash RX Costs is an innovative, practical guide which explains how American’s everywhere can save up to 94% on the cost of their prescription medications. As the cost of essential drugs continues to skyrocket, Slash RX Costs is an indispensible way in which people from all corners of the nation can access affordable medication and keep hold of their hard-earned money. For more information, visit http://www.slashrxcosts.com