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Toronto, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2017 -- Newmarket Mortgage Services have been working hard to come up with loans for homeowners. The company has grown tremendously over the past few years to become one of the larger financial services providers in this region. They have now expanded to provide second mortgages in Newmarket.

A second mortgage is a loan given to homeowners, and is secured against property. This type of loan is an idea for those who want access the equity in their homes. The best part is that the borrower chooses whether they want to do with the money as long as they are within the terms agreed with the lender. This helps homeowners to break away from the tradition of having to be under the watch of the lender.

When asked why homeowners should choose these second mortgages, broker Ron Alphonso said; "This is one of the easiest borrowing options for homeowners considering the difficult economic times. They do not have to go through complicated processes just to get cash." The company focuses on making things easier for their customers.

Although borrowers have other options such as personal loans and credit cards, in many situations, a second mortgage is the best option. Second mortgage loans attract lower interest rates compared to the others. They also are easy to secure as long as one has equity in their property. Generally, a homeowner can get a second mortgage without much effort.

Several years ago, people used to prefer traditional bank mortgages because there was less awareness of alternative lending options. A borrower can choose to customize the loan to meet their unique needs. For instance, borrowers can choose to skip specific payments. Features such as per-paid interests and interest only make it even better.

"Newmarket Mortgage Services is proud to offer solutions to people who have been turned down by banks." Ron Alphonso said. He also pointed out that they do not focus too much on customers' credit scores because they focus more on the existing mortgage and the selling price. This explains why the company records an increase in customer numbers every year.

"We also have various other services that we offer across Ontario. In addition to second mortgages in Newmarket, we offer blanket mortgages and first mortgages. This is to ensure that our customers get an all-inclusive solution to their financial needs," Ron Alonso said. In addition to that, he indicated that they strive to ensure that a homeowner finds all that he needs when it comes to mortgages.

Newmarket Mortgage Services have agents who have extensive market experience. They've helped hundreds of people to find private lenders that service Newmarket. They have a network of private lenders who can approve an applicant for a loan regardless of their past borrowing habits.

About Mortgage Broker, Ron Alphonso
Ron Alphonso is a mortgage broker that has also been an active private lender in Ontario for over a decade and he comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience in private loans. He is a known expert in the industry and he advises local news in topics involving mortgages and real estate. He gives free advice to people troubled by bad credit or foreclosure.

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