NewOrleans Makes Hotel Booking Easier with the Launch of Best Rate Guarantee


New Orleans, LA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/04/2012 -- announced earlier today the launch of its Best Price Guarantee, which offers to price-match if customers find a better hotel offer at another travel website.

Bo White, media contact, was quoted saying, "We want to give our customers the confidence in knowing that they are getting the best hotel rates in the city through our travel website. We decided to make it official by offering the Best Price Guarantee. it builds confidence in our customers since they know no business would make such a guarantee unless they knew they were competitive".

Asked about how the Best Price Guarantee works, White said, "When a visitor books a hotel room on our website, let's say they booked and paid for the room at $150 per night. The individual happens to be on another US-based travel website and sees the same room offered at the same hotel for $125 per night and it just so happens to be the nights the room was booked with us. He or she just notifies within 24 hours of booking the room and we'll verify everything - if it checks out, we'll reimburse the individual the difference, in this case it would be $25! Our reasoning for offering this right now is simple, we want to customers to be confident that they do not need to go elsewhere since our prices are competitive".

According to White, "The Best Price Guarantee applies to any hotel found on our site, from the landmark monteleone new orleans, the newly renovated cotton exchange new orleans, or the hilton riverside new orleans that overlooks the Mississippi River. It doesn't matter what hotel it is, if someone finds it cheaper on a similar site, we really want to know about it because we know our prices are typically lower than other travel websites and if that isn't the case, we'll do right by the customer and refund the difference, it's that simple".

Asked if the hotel price guarantee was something planned to continue, White said enthusiastically, "Yes, we will continue it indefinitely and we're thrilled to offer this to our customers! We love our city and whatever we can do to make it better and easier for customers to book on our website, we are happy to do so. There are so many people that have yet to experience the magic of New Orleans. We want to make booking such an easy process that when a person arrives in the city and has the best time of their life, they will use our website to book again in the future - you know no one is able to visit The Big Easy just once, it gets in the blood and people just have to go back again"!

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