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Newport Pacific Capital Announces Why Manufactured Homes Are a Great Choice in Living

Newport Pacific Capital informs the public about the benefits of manufactured housing. Today’s manufactured homes are modern, affordable and comfortable for everyone.


Irvine, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/17/2013 -- Newport Pacific Capital, a mobile home property management company, is changing the way people look at manufactured homes, one property at a time. As stated by the Huffington Post, “The term "manufactured housing" itself has less to do with quality and more to do with the production process, which is a derivative of Ford's assembly lines -- an innovative business model that helped grow the United States economy. This model allows manufactured homes to be built in a more controlled work environment, translating into predictable costs, increased efficiencies and reduced waste.”

Historically, mobile homes have carried the stigma for being where “hillbilly trailer trash” live when, in reality, the basic difference between a manufactured home and a non-manufactured home is where the home was built. Most manufactured homes range from one-bedroom to a four-bedroom models, and cannot be simply driven off a lot like older mobile homes were known for.

Manufactured homes have been left undiscussed for too long, leaving the stigma as an unpleasant or substandard place to live when, in truth, modern manufactured homes integrate top quality designs and upscale materials. A great affordable housing alternative specifically with lower income families and the elderly community, manufactured homes take 1/5th of the time a site built home takes to build at about 50% of the cost, making this type of housing ideal for 1st time home owners as well.

These homes have also come in handy specifically in times of disaster. The recent hit of hurricane Sandy left thousands of people homeless. Without a home to turn to, manufactured homes have been a blessing to families in need of a place to call their own again. These unfortunate natural disasters have provided people with an opportunity to change their long standing perceptions about manufactured housing. Now people have begun to recognize the role each of these communities can offer in helping families get back to their lives peacefully and functionally, as they try to recover financially. By purchasing or renting a modern manufactured home, people can work on rebuilding their lives while maintaining a level of comfort and security for their family.

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