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NewRank SEO Announces Responsive Web Design Service for Business Sites

Responsive web design allows businesses to successfully reach people across multiple devices, reports NewRank SEO


Victoria, BC -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/04/2014 -- Today, NewRank SEO, a Victoria, BC search engine optimization (SEO) company, announced its web design services to augment its SEO offerings and provide clients with a more well-rounded service. The web design offerings will take care of online marketing aspects that businesses often have trouble with, such as adapting sites to handle traffic from multiple devices. They also keep the true purpose of a business site in mind so that when traffic comes, it will be more likely to buy the products or services being offered.

"The question of cross-browser compatibility has been replaced with a demand for cross-device capability," noted Lara Carter of NewRank SEO. "Now, people routinely access websites with tablets, smart phones, and other mobile devices as well as PCs and laptops. Since the screen sizes of all of these devices are very different from each other, a site usually needs to have more than one version so that it will display well on each of them. This is called responsive web design, and it's one of our most important offerings in our design sphere."

The jury is still out on whether responsive web design helps with search engine rankings, but in most cases, it is not implemented as an SEO measure. Instead, it's meant to help retain traffic after it has already found the site. When sites come up well on whichever device a visitor is using, he or she is more likely to check them out further.

"NewRank Web Design does far more than ensure that everyone can see and navigate clients' sites," Carter said. "We also know that traffic is only valuable when the proper percentage of visitors converts into buyers. Therefore, our design services don't stop with making sites look good. We also provide compelling copy, clear navigation meant to improve the chances of visitors buying, and clear calls to action. Finally, we understand that filling up a website with fluff pages is no good for business even if those pages may rank. Every page in our web design has a clear place along the sales path."

This type of web design is far different than what is often promoted by those whose SEO services focus solely on rank but don't pay any attention to whether sales will actually come once that rank is attained. Many companies advocate filling blogs or pages with informative, but uncompelling, content that does nothing to motivate people to buy. By avoiding this practice, NewRank SEO ensures that clients not only have a high chance of ranking, but that it is worth it for them to do so. More information can be found at NewRank's website at

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