News About Gender and Child Custody


Delta, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/21/2014 -- Child custody always went to the mother in the course of a divorce. Fathers were not seen as loving parents. They were often perceived only as a source of child support. Attorneys for men in divorce actions make the difference between a father having equal or limited time with his children. is here to offer some thoughts about how gender affects custody of children during divorce, such as:

-Paternity’s Effect on Custody
-Tender Years Doctrine
-Best Interests of the Child Approach
-The 14th Amendment and Custody

Paternity and Child Custody
IF a child was born to unmarried parents, the father would have to prove paternity to be considered parents. So, although he had not gone through a divorce, an unmarried father had to obtain legal advice for men to be involved in his children’s lives. Men have had to fight against the tendency of family court judges to grant full custody of children to mothers, regardless of the father’s ability to parent. While courts have come a long way recently, men will have to continue to battle the norm of granting mothers child custody for years to come.

“Tender Years” Doctrine
Especially when children are very young, the “tender years,” the perception is that men cannot be nurturing, loving parents anywhere near as well as women. Obtaining advice about divorce rights for men, which includes information pertaining to child custody, is an effective method men have to prove that they are, indeed, able, caring parents. can offer some ideas about how to hire a good attorney for a father who is trying to gain equal access to his children so it isn’t only the mother who has custody of them.

“BIC” Approach to Custody
Today, the “Best Interests of the Child” doctrine supplants the “Tender Years” doctrine. Once this happened, it was no longer automatic for courts to award primary custody of children to their mother. Many free divorce lawyers for men fought hard to prove that their clients were more than able to take care of their children, This means that the kids live with them most of the time but their mothers have ample time with them, as well.

The Fourteenth Amendment
The 14th Amendment allows every person to be heard in court. Many men have successfully proven themselves worthy of maintaining their children’s health and well-being, resulting in mothers having to accept less than full custody. If a father is feeling unsure of how to present his case, he may want to access some divorce support for men. This can be very helpful, as other divorced men can “buck up” a man who is experiencing nervousness. To find a men’s group, look online or on community bulletin boards.

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