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Newsflash Aspiring Journalists Turn to New Site for Information on Their Journalism Degree


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/02/2012 -- No matter how the world changes, one thing stays the same; society’s appetite for news and information. For this reason, journalists have had and continue to have an enviable place amongst professional occupations, providing people everywhere access to the news and information they require in order to make vital decisions every day.

Journalists play an important role across all sectors, from finance and business to healthcare, politics and technology, journalists provide the interface between interesting and complex happenings and the public that requires information on these topics.

It’s little wonder that many, when considering their future turn to journalism as a career option. With the potential to be an exciting, dynamic career with never a dull moment, more and more prospective students are seeking insight into the best journalism degree available that can help them reach their goal of becoming a leading journalist. Thankfully, a new website is on the case.

OnlineCommunicationDegreeGuides.org has just launched its dedicated resource covering the complex realm of both the standard and online journalism degree. Seeing a gap in regards to websites available to educate aspiring journalists on various journalism degree programs, Online Communication Degree Guides was inspired to take steps to help everyone seeking an exciting journalistic career.

“Journalism is a profession that can promise a lifetime of excitement, journey, information and even perhaps fame,” the website contends. While employers may hire from a variety of qualifications or majors, as competition heats up more and more media organizations are keen to hire speciality journalism grads. Due to the advent of providers offering several online journalism degree programs, this is a more achievable qualification than ever before.

While many considering journalism as a profession imagine the plucky young investigative newspaper reporter in their minds, there are several career paths available to graduates. According to CommunicationDegreeGuides.org, they include:

- Editor
- Newscaster
- Information analyst
- Program director
- Public Relations specialist

The list goes on! Luckily, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel for those keen to embrace one of these careers, or many more; the amazing resource that is CommunicationsDegreeGuides.org. It doesn’t take an investigative reporter to uncover this scoop: Communications Degree Guides is the best place to start a journey towards a career in journalism.

About Communication Degree Guides
CommunicationDegreeGuides.org was born out of a need to educate aspiring communications professionals on the educational pathways available to them when seeking entry into this competitive field. Committed to making a career in journalism something every eager student has access to, Communication Degree Guides have created the definitive journalism degree resource on the web.

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