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NexBoom Campaign with WELL - MED GLOBAL Continues


Anaheim, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/17/2013 -- Lou Zant, President of NexBoom Universe, a wholly owned subsidiary of NexBoom Universe Group, , has announced that he is excited with the progress of the ongoing campaign with Well-Med™ Global. Well-Med™ Global is an international company dedicated to providing both top-shelf skin rejuvenation products and systems, as well as unique and powerful business opportunities.

Besides their impressive line of skin care products, Well-Med also offers specialized Aesthetic Treatments (i.e., Derma Stamping, Micro-Derm Abrasion, etc.) with Human Growth Factors for the skin. These specialized treatments are provided provided by Certified, Licensed Professionals through Corporate owned Treatment Centers, and also Treatment Centers that have been authorized by Well-Med.

Well-Med's Daily™ serum is used for “daily” application and is formulated utilizing Human Growth Factors (GF) that are manufactured in an FDA approved facility. Growth factors are proteins that promote the growth, organization, and maintenance of cells and tissues. The topical application of growth factors has been clinically proven to help reverse photo-damaged skin.

The Well-Med GF Facial Treatment uses a pharmaceutical-grade product containing the highest concentration of natural growth factors. The Facial Treatment is designed to enhance the skin's natural process of regeneration and repair by stimulating collagen production, promoting healthy circulation, and increasing cellular renewal.

GF-technology is also being used successfully for the treatment of acne, encouraging healthy hair growth, reducing the appearance of scars, supporting the skin during post-procedure healing, and shortening the healing time of burn wounds.

WELL-MED GLOBAL was founded to provide high quality products that are based on GOOD science and are safe and effective for their intended use. WELL-MED is committed to their customers and continues to seek out high quality, effective products that can complement their current product offerings. We strive for the repeat Customer.

As well as providing a number of high-caliber products and services, WELL MED GLOBAL is committed to a wide range of humanitarian causes and activities around the world. Charitable work will always be integral to the Family of WELL MED GLOBAL, who believes that all people should have the opportunity to reach their full potential, contribute to society, and strive for a better future.

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