NexBoom Uses Proprietary Technology to Learn About Latest Trends in Social Media

NexBoom utilizes a number of social media venues to explore what is relevant to people.


Wanchai, Hong Kong -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/15/2013 -- Lou Zant, President of NexBoom Universe, , a wholly owned subsidiary of NexBoom Universe Group, , said today that NexBoom utilizes a variety of social media venues to keep their thumb on the pulse of that which is currently relevant to the public, as well as engaging their participation.

Using their social media marketing approach, the NexBoom team is creating proprietary technology that goes out into social networks, and listens for what is being said by people within those networks about various products and services. By gleaning this type of information, NexBoom can then customize messaging content to be what people are already talking about (relevancy), and then supply action-driven offers (compelling offer) that drive these users to do something in response.

Once people respond, they are engaged. When working with an engaged user, NexBoom then has the ability to push the messaging beyond that single user. By offering engaged users a discount for clicking their “like” button, or free shipping and handling if they hit their “share” tab (which allows them to post the offering on their Facebook profile), the engaged user will organically promote the product or service to their friends, and each Facebook user averages 132 + friends. With the click of one key, the engaged user exponentially increases brand awareness of the products that NexBoom services. Statistically, every friend the engaged user connects with has a 71% greater chance of buying something because it was recommended by a friend.

And NexBoom doesn't stop there. Says Zant, “By taking a proactive approach for our clients, we push our relevant and compelling offers out to other organized groups of people through social media mechanisms like Twitter. By capitalizing on the captive audiences who follow certain celebrities and sports figures, we can imbed a new type of product placement into the "tweets" that our network of celebrities sends their fans, helping our client's products maintain a new level of relevance to their target buyers.”

Today, NexBoom works with more than 120,000,000 relevant tweets per day, with some very well-known names. These celebrities are under contract with the NexBoom team, and send out carefully crafted messages through their Twitter accounts. As a result, those tweets are able to reach millions of people with a distinctive message.

When their complete arsenal of marketing weapons are deployed, NexBoom can reach more than 50,000,000 people in 90 days with highly refined, specifically designed messages that help clients to become the name brands that are sought by the public. Traditional marketing and public relations strategies may get results after years of laying the groundwork, and spending millions and millions of dollars. However, NexBoom brands products and services quickly, and at a fraction of the cost. As such, the results of the fully executed plans can be staggering.

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