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Next Generation Display Market Size Is to Hit US$ 357.5 Billion by 2028 : Global Sales and Demand of New Flexible Display Technology Has Risen over the Forecast Period

The Next Generation Display Market Size was valued at US$ 176.6 Billion in 2021 and is anticipated to reach at US$ 357.5 Billion by 2028, with a healthy CAGR of 10.6%.


Pune, Maharashtra -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/09/2022 -- Next Generation Display Market Scope & Overview:

A flat panel, an electrical gadget containing one or more layers of organic materials that generate light, is the display technology of the next generation. The technique offers LCDs on the market today a stronger contrast and better brightness. When compared to LEDs, it also provides a quicker response time, a broader viewing angle, and enables effective low power usage. Consumers will be able to experience higher resolution and better picture quality with next-generation displays without having to sacrifice manufacturing costs. Next-generation display technologies offer additional attributes including high resolution, greater display quality, and improved lighting while using less energy.

As per the recent market research study report by SNS Insider, the next generation display market is anticipated to reach USD 208 Billion by 2028, with a CAGR of 6.79 % over the forecast period of 2022–2028.

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Major Key Players included in Next Generation Display Market report are:

- Sony Corporation
- AJA Video Systems, Inc.
- Canon Inc.
- Au Optronics Corp.
- Planar Systems Inc.
- Cambridge Display Technology, Inc.
- Ritek Display Technology
- Toshiba Mobile Display Co. Ltd.
- Samsung SDI Co.
- Plastic Logic Inc.
- Idemitsu Kosan Co. Ltd.
- Doosan Corporation.
- Merck KGaA.
- Nanosys Inc.
- Nanoco Group PLC.
- Universal Display Corporation.
- Samsung SDI.
- Toray Industries Inc.
- eLux Inc.
- Plessey.
- Quantum Material Corporation.
- Optovate.
- Jade Bird Display Inc

Drivers, Restraints, Opportunities, and Challenges

According to the report, one of the key factors influencing the growth of the next-generation display market over the coming few years would be the development of medical display systems. A significant amount of demand will be generated in the market as a result of the inclusion of AR and VR in consumer electronics items as well as rising demand for 3D movie theatre displays. The next generation display market is expanding as a result of factors such as technological advancements, increased consumer disposable income, and rising demand for more sophisticated equipment, devices, and gadgets. Due to the use of hazardous cadmium in quantum dot technology, major companies in the market are concentrating on various tactics to develop more environmentally friendly quantum dots.

The issues that such next-generation technology faces stem from the 4K technology's large storage needs and high bandwidth requirements for broadcasting such high-definition videos and images.

Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Analysis of how COVID-19 will affect the market for next-generation displays. The COVID-19 virus outbreak, which began in December 2019 and has since spread to more than 180 countries worldwide, was deemed a public health emergency by the WHO. Due to material constraint brought on by travel restrictions, this had a tremendous influence on the next generation display market and on the entire world.

Next Generation Display Market Segmentation Analysis

The flexible displays segment has the biggest market share by product. Over the past few years, flexible displays have undergone a remarkable amount of evolution. While the original technology included robust, unbreakable screens, it has since evolved to include bendable and rollable displays.

The TVs & monitors segment accounted for the largest revenue share in the global market next generation display market owing to growing demand for big panel displays. This market is projected to grow at a significantly quick CAGR over the forecast period.

Major Segments and Sub-Segment of Next Generation Display Market are Listed Below:

By Application
- Mobile Phones Market
- Consumer Electronics
- Industrial Applications
- Movie/Entertainment
- TV/Monitors
- Automotive
- Advertising
- E-Reader

By Ingredients
- Carbon NanoTubes (CNT)
- Nanomaterials
- Quantum Dots
- Plastic Substrates
- Polymers
- Metals

By Display Technology
- OLED Display Technology
- Electroluminescent Display Technology
- Electro Wetting Display Technology
- Field Emission Display Applications
- Electrophoretic Display Technology
- LED Display Technology

By Product
- Flexible Display
- Midair Display
- Transparent Display
- Three-dimensional Display
- Double-sided Display
- 2D One-sided Display

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Regional Analysis

Among the major regional markets, North America had the greatest revenue share, and throughout the forecast period, revenue is expected to grow at a very strong CAGR. Canada and the United States make significant financial contributions to the expansion of the regional market. The North American next generation display market is expanding as a result of rising OLED demand and highly advanced technologies. With the bulk of the market share, Asia Pacific is predicted to dominate the sector in the years to come. Metals, polymers, plastic substrates, and nanomaterials are important components of next-generation displays.

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Table of Contents – Major Key Points

1. Executive Summary

2. Research Methodology

3. Market Dynamics

4. Impact Analysis

5. Value Chain Analysis

6. Porter's 5 Forces Model

7. PEST Analysis

8. Next Generation Display Market Segmentation, By Application

9. Next Generation Display Market Segmentation, By Ingredients

10 Next Generation Display Market, By Display Technology

11 Next Generation Display Market, By Product

12. Next Generation Display Market, By Region/ Country

13. Company Profiles

14. Competitive Landscape

15. Conclusion

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