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Next Generation Supplements Reports 29 Percent of Australians Make Use of Supplements offers new products designed to provide users with optimal health


Melbourne, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/14/2014 -- According to statistics gathered by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, between 2011 and 2012, 29 percent of Australians made use of one or more dietary supplements one day prior to their interview for the study. Females used the products more frequently than men, with 33 percent of women stating they used a supplement compared to only 24 percent of men. Researchers found the highest proportion of users in the older age groups, with approximately 16 percent making use of multivitamin and/or multimineral products. Many turn to Next Generation Supplements when looking for one or more dietary aids of this type.

"Products offered through Next Generation Supplements include Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Game On, and Mega Grow. Acetyl-L-Carnitine acts as an energy enhancer, antioxidant, and thermogenic supplement. It's 99 percent pure and contains no fillers or sugars, and users find they can choose from an unflavoured or orange flavoured version. Game On, a potent pre-workout supplement, intensifies one's energy and focus and works quickly, making use of high levels of Tribulus and Red Clover. Mega Grow offers fast mass gains and enhanced nitrogen retention, while offering consumers unbeatable taste and quality. These are only three of the many products one finds when they choose to purchase through Next Generation Supplements," Eddy Tannourji, spokesperson for the company, states.

Next Generation Supplements offers a wide range of products, including dietary supplements designed to work together to promote optimal health. The product line takes into account the fitness goals of different individuals. In addition, Next Generation Supplements offers users who spend a certain amount free accessories to help them achieve these goals.

Tannourji explains when one spends $60 with the company, they receive a free shaker. Spend $100 and a magazine is added to the shaker, or order $150 worth of products and receive the shaker and magazine, along with an embroidered towel. Those who reach the $200 level when ordering receive these three products and a Next Gen t-shirt. These accessories aren't offered on discounted orders, promotions, or special offers.

Euromonitor expects the dietary supplement market to continue to grow at a rate of about seven percent, using the compound annual growth rate method. This is a decrease from the constant value of ten percent already seen, and experts believe this is due to increased competition in the country along with emerging products which are approaching maturity. Next Generation Supplements understands this and continues to search for products consumers want and need to better their health.

"Click here to learn more about the products currently available through Next Generation Supplements and how the company is working to improve the product line to meet the needs of all consumers. New products include Achieva Women's Trimming and Toning Whey Protein Formula, Combust Formula with Caffeine, and Megalow Choc Nut Balls. Visit the site today to see these and other amazing products designed to improve one's health," Tannourji declares.

About Next Generation Supplements
Next Generation Supplements stands out in the industry as they understand consumers often feel overwhelmed when they go to choose a product, due to the sheer volume of supplements currently offered. Products sold through Next Generation Supplements have been researched, and the company spent time talking to professional athletes before creating the products to ensure they meet consumer needs. All products undergo a thorough testing process before they are completed and released for public use, and Next Generation Supplements now offers a comprehensive and effective range of supplements to meet the needs of all.