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NextBee Adds Platform Support for Channel Partner Mobile Apps

NextBee kick starts development of mobile apps for business partners


Folsom, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/19/2017 -- The whole world is going mobile, and so do your business partners. NextBee's robust platform support offers businesses the ability to match the pace of this fast evolving world by providing unique mobile experiences to business partners.

NextBee, the global customer engagement solution leader, now takes a big step forward to develop special mobile apps for businesses that make it a doddle for partners to track sales, engage more, stay aware of new events, new launches and advancements. NextBee's expertise will deliver high-end partner mobile apps to businesses, regardless of their sizes.

NextBee's mobile apps for partners remove the burden of managing, transforming and optimizing partner apps, thereby paving the way for brands to focus more on other important business activities.

Being able to create a buzz on major social media channels, like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, possesses a great potential to create maximum awareness for products, new launches, and events. With NextBee's mobile apps, brands can easily connect with their partners and monetize buzz across social platforms with tools optimized for mobile apps.

Advantages of NextBee's Mobile Apps for Partners are as follows:

-Branded partner mobile apps
-Scalable, robust infrastructure
-Complete control over program metrics
-Customized mobile apps to fit your brand need
-24*7 assistance

NextBee's mobile apps for partners give rise to enhanced engagement and participation, in addition to creating a smooth two-way conversation between business partners. For any businesses, it's paramount that partners have adequate education and resources. Knowing that, NextBee strives to offer partner solutions via cutting-edge mobile apps.

NextBee's Founder, Ashish Mohole, says "Personalization and effectiveness are imperatives for any brand to succeed. We have introduced platform support so businesses can fearlessly demand innovative and more productive applications. We are encouraging them to drive accelerated partner engagement and develop long-lasting relationship with them without having to invest resources and effort."

Over 300+ restaurants, retail consumer companies, B2B providers, professional sports franchises, insurance and financial corporations, and leading communication companies entrust NextBee to look after distributor rewards, affiliate sales and many other partner solutions.

About NextBee
NextBee is a cloud-based software provider focusing on lead acquisition and user engagement programs. NextBee seeks to build an army of loyal partners who actively engage your brand with excitement and passion. We provide proven value and solutions that work, resulting in not only engagement but also engagement that drives sales. NextBee promotes easy analysis of exactly which customers, partner, rewards, and types of activities are most likely to determine success. Our efforts allow our clients to optimize spending and benefit from the maximum ROI. NextBee creates and rewards excellence, always.