NextGenTraffic Delivers Targeted Traffic to Websites for Their Success


Wilmington, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/15/2013 -- Internet marketing depends on visitors showing up and shopping at the site. Jason Stackhouse said he can’t make the sale, but he can deliver the eyes. “We guarantee targeted one-time visitors to your website,” he said. “You pick how many visitors you want and how much you want to pay. We deliver the visitors.”

Unlike other sites which claim to deliver views, Stackhouse said his program,, will deliver real people to look at the website. When you buy traffic for your site; “The views will start in 24 hours, possibly earlier,” he said. “We guarantee it and we put our full support system behind it.” Another advantage is that the viewers are targeted. Mr. Stackhouse said this means the people coming to the website are not just random visitors. They have a reason for being there.

“A website visitor is good news. A website visitor who spends money is the best news. Because we target our traffic, our visitors translate into a higher volume of sales,” he said. In addition to driving sales, an increase in traffic drives search engine algorithms. More hits and more buyers at the site mean a higher ranking in search engine results. This then feeds more visitors and more sales. “Driving people to your virtual door is what we do. We are not interested in selling products that compete with your business. We want to grow your business. We want you to be successful at what you do,” he said. “When you are a success, we are a success.”
The proprietary process is 100 percent legal and ethical, Mr. Stackhouse promises.

NextGenTraffic also offers Geo-Targeted traffic. Owing to the way the Internet and international shopping works, some people may be leery of doing business in another country or even in another region of a large country like the US. “We can target areas of the globe,” he said. “We divide up the United States and we are adding more countries to the list of places we serve. We’re working to get better at what we do so you can reap the benefits of increased sales.”

About NextGenTraffic is a solution provider for all the websites that are not receiving enough targeted audience. NextGenTraffic helps these websites by bringing the targeted audience to them, hence driving more conversions and sales.

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