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Nexus Legal Cash Increases Funding Line for Automobile Accident Lawsuit Funding


Yonkers, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/16/2014 -- Nexus Legal Cash, the lawsuit funding company, announced today that it has increased its funding line allocated to automobile accidents. Under this new plan, Nexus Legal Cash plans to meet the expanding need for pre settlement funding centered on automobile accident victims.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), car accidents happen every minute of the day. In aggregate, on a yearly basis, there are about 6.25 million driving accidents that take place. In 2009 alone, statistics showed that 32,145 or more of the United States’ population died due to vehicular accidents. Of these, 19,541 involved one vehicle and 12,121 involved two or more vehicles. Every year, about 2.1 million people end up suffering light or severe injuries as result of being involved in a car crash. What’s more, in a certain five year period, it had been recorded that 27% of the driving population had encountered or were involved in car accidents. Accordingly, car crashes are one the number one source of personal injury claims in The United States.

Generally, auto accident lawsuits settle quickly – a few months at best, and there is no need for a lawsuit funding (also known as pre settlement funding). However, many auto accident lawsuits do not settle quickly. They become protracted and can continue for many months and even years. In this event, the plaintiff is often left to suffer the most because the injuries they suffered as a result of the auto accident has left them unable to work, to bring in an income, and to care for their families. Meanwhile the bills keep piling up and financial obligations go unmet. For this very reason, The bulk of the cases that are typically funded by litigation funding companies are motor vehicle accidents. Motor vehicle accidents are regularly funded as the standards for liability are clearly defined.

“Car accidents are clear cut for us. Police reports and medical records go very far in determining who is at fault, “stated CEO Karl Minner. “We are pleased that we have been able to increase this funding line and stand at the ready.”

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