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NFC Academy Is Offering 1st Grade to High School Homeschooling Programs


Tallahassee, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/12/2019 -- NFC Academy has, for years, been serving families in the United States and internationally by providing certified homeschooling services for kindergarten to high school students. The driving objective for the Academy has been to provide an accredited distance education program for Christian families. Today, NFC Academy is proud to have developed such a program that is educationally approved meeting the needs of our students across the United States and around the world.

Talking about the flexibility of their homeschooling program, the Academy's Spokesperson said, "At NFC Academy you never have to worry about the time that your loved ones can start a school year. This is because we give you the flexibility of starting your school year anytime. Each student's school year runs for 180 days no matter when they start their year. As a first-time parent looking to rely on our programs, we will provide you our staff to be your guide and help in any questions you may have for admissions to NFC Academy."

High school marks a new phase for students, and it is crucial for them to get their learning started successfully as they have to earn credits for graduation. NFC Academy has taken this into account and has a specially designed 9th grade homeschool curriculum program that will propel the student toward their desired goals. Typically, students are required to take 6 credits each year to enable them to have 24 credits for their graduation. The enrollment specialists at NFC Academy will create their Path to Graduation for the parent and student's review and approval.

Speaking about the reasons behind their annual testing program, the Academy's Spokesperson said, "Across the United States, most states require students who homeschool to participate in annual standardized testing before proceeding to the next grade. We have taken this into account and give all our students access to these tests that are taken online using the Stanford Achievement Test 10th Edition. This testing is completed in the spring and available to all full-time students in 3rd-11th grade. Our graduating students are encouraged to focus on taking the ACT and SAT to be prepared for college entrance."

An early introduction to an engaging curriculum has always been the goal of the first-grade print curriculum provided by NFC Academy. This is made better by the fact that it incorporates Bible lessons that allow students to have a perfect educational foundation. Parents after the best homeschool first-grade program, therefore, have in NFC Academy an education partner that has pre-anticipated and addressed all their needs. The curriculum has further been tailored to consider the needs of busy families as parents are expected to be the primary teachers during these early stages.

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NFC Academy has taken the mandate of making it easier for Christian homeschool families to have top-notch education solutions for students from kindergarten to grade 12 who want to attain academic excellence.

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