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NFC Academy Is Providing Homeschool Curriculum in Florida


Tallahassee, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/22/2020 -- NFC Academy is offering fully accredited programs for full-time, transfer, part-time, and international students. The programs cover grades from Kindergarten to Grade 12 and are provided digitally for grades 3-12 and the option of the print curriculum for kindergarten throughout elementary grades. The institution has invested its efforts to give families an academic program of excellence with a biblical worldview. Their goals include to offer families with an educational opportunity that prepares their children with a fully accredited program providing them access to the college or career of their choice while also preparing the students with principles for making wise life choices. Their programs are not just confined to the USA but are available across the world, again with some of the most competitive tuition costs possible.

"We aim to offer a well-proven homeschooling curriculum and education," Commented the Academy's spokesperson. "To ensure this, we have received accreditations from several agencies that include Cognia (formerly AdvancEd/SACS), the Florida Association of Christian Colleges and Schools and the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. This confirms NFC Academy's commitment to providing quality homeschooling."

NFC Academy is a respected online academy where students can find 4th-grade homeschool curriculum both online and in book form. There is a fully developed and accredited print program from kindergarten to 5th grade where parents are the teachers. There is the option of the parents being the teachers in the online program from 3rd-7th grade, or parents may choose the option of NFC Academy teachers in the online program from third grade through high school.

"Education is one the greatest gift every parent can award his/her child. At NFC Academy, we make homeschooling possible to all children from kindergarten to high school. We have accredited programs for K-5 in print form and all online for 3rd-12th grade," said the institution's spokesperson. "Our institution is based on a strong biblical foundation, and we strive to instill the principles of consistent and honorable living to all our students. We believe that excellence in life choices are essential aspects that can shape your child's intellect and self-esteem. Contact us to have your child registered for our affordable online homeschooling in the US and around the world."

For Kindergarten to top 2nd-grade homeschool curriculum programs, NFC Academy offers print curriculum, while grades 3 to 12 students can expect the entire school work on their computer. The Academy will update daily lesson assignments each day based on the students' 180-day school year. K-5 graders opting for the print program have the NFC Academy Daily Lesson Planner that provides the schedule for each day's lesson assignment for all courses during the year. The parents can either be a home teacher for their children from grade 3 to 7 classes or select the option for a certified NFC Academy teacher to be the primary teacher for each course.

About NFC Academy
NFC Academy has, for years, been bringing a different perspective to homeschooling, where the academy has gone the extra mile to deliver a Bible-centered educational program for Christian families that are after quality education solutions. The provider is a distinguished provider of accredited and affordable online homeschool courses in Florida. It can be a reliable option for parents who desire to provide their children with quality education and values that can help them grow.